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S&E Nashville recommends: A weekend of Christmas carols

by Rachel Traczewski in Entertainment

Photo Courtesy of The Nashville Caroling Company When December rolls around there is no outrunning the Christmas music. The same songs appear at the same time each year. Popular carols are just part of the Christmas tradition. In their beginning, carols had nothing to do with Christmas. The word ‘carol’ comes from a French word ‘carole’. The translation of the word is something to the effect of ‘circle dance’ or ‘a song of joy’.  Europeans began singing them thousands of years ago as pagan songs. They would dance around singing at Winter Solstice celebrations, the shortest day of the year (this year the Winter Solstice is tomorrow, December 21!). Christians eventually turned these pagan songs into Christmas ones. Today, you probably won’t have a group of carolers showing up on your doorstep singing carols hoping you’ll invite them in for hot chocolate. The days of carolers going door-to-door are essentially gone. Unfortunately, times have changed. If it were up to [...]