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A Nashville newcomer visits Arrington Vineyards

Springtime is here (and summer just around the corner) which means ample opportunity to spend time outdoors. One of the area’s best outdoor activities is that of Arrington Vineyards, which offers our local area a taste of wine country and is this month’s edition of our Nashville newcomer series.

When a friend was visiting from out of town and suggested going to a winery, having never been to a wine tasting before, my first thought was to check out Arrington, seeing as I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about it. Though the weather was overcast, that didn’t dampen our trip to the stunning vineyards and winery. It’s clear that the location has grown since its 2007 opening, as we had a two hour wait before we could get in for our tasting – however, it was well worth the wait.

Arrington Vineyards is co-owned by country star Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn. PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

Arrington Vineyards is co-owned by country star Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn. PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

With so many wines to choose from, we went for the eight-sample option to get the most immersive experience. Our list of must-tries included Chardonnay, Stag’s White, Symphony and La Srescent, a fruit-filled dessert wine, just to name a few. Though many of the wines hail from California, there are also some that have local ties, including the sweet sparkling wine, appropriately titled Sparkle, whose grapes were grown primarily in Kenton, Tenn. and served as the perfect first wine to taste. You can also get a taste of Tennessee in the Antebellum 2013 that includes flavors of molasses, cherries and wild blackberries mixed with a dash of Tennessee whiskey. If you’re a fan of drier reds, the Firefly Rose is a great choice with its blend of cranberry, watermelon and cherry aromas, making it the perfect pick for springtime gatherings when paired with lighter fare like mild cheeses.

Despite the fact that all our samples were delicious, my personal favorite was a decadent Blackberry dessert wine, which almost tasted like a mixed berry pie with its savory sweet flavor. My friend went for the Raspberry selection and liked it so much, she purchased a bottle to take home. Any quality wine tasting is brought to life with an expert on the subject matter, and Arrington’s wine afficianados are as sophisticated as they come. Even though it was her first day on the job, our wine associate was very knowledgeable and her friendly demeanor made the experience that much more enjoyable.

Like many places in Nashville, Arrington serves as a strong example of a the city’s entrepreneurial flair, this time coming from country singer Kix Brooks, who is one of three owners of the establishment and quite the wine connoisseur in addition to his musical talents. Interestingly enough, the fabulous wine room is actually a converted farmhouse that was original to the property on this former hog farm that Brooks and his team cleared out and turned into today’s flourishing vineyards.

Guests can bring a picnic and enjoy the gorgeous view overlooking the vineyards. PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

Guests can bring a picnic and enjoy the gorgeous view overlooking the vineyards. PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

But And Arrington Vineyards has more to offer than just wine tasting. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the view of the grape vines and green fields at one of their outdoor tables or sit inside the enclosed deck, all while still enjoying the view. If you want to opt out of doing a guided wine tasting, guests also have the option of selecting four wines they’d like to try and bring their samples out to the picnic tables overlooking the vineyards, making the experience all your own.

There’s also Music in the Vines, which runs now through November, with 2016 bringing with it two locations on the property. The courtyard tent features jazz music, with bluegrass music in the Grand Barn – both of which are free. Plus, you can indulge in a glass of one of Arrington’s wines while enjoying the show. You can also explore the vineyards’ gift shop that includes everything from gifts to gourmet cheeses and cutting boards.

If you’re new to Nashville or have yet to check out Arrington, put it on your list this spring and summer season. It’s the perfect day trip, night out with your girlfriends or romantic evening with a loved one. Even the drive to the vineyard is beautiful, taking you past rolling hills of green and some of middle Tennessee’s beautiful farmland. For more information, visit the official site.