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An open letter to Jon Bon Jovi on why he should buy the Titans

Dear Jon Bon Jovi,


You were halfway there.

Rumors were circulating throughout the world that you were a part of a group interested in buying the Tennessee Titans.

You were going to be a part of a group that would finally turn this thing around.

And then you gave Titans fans a shot to the heart:

Titan fans were in love. The franchise only managed two wins last season. This year, a dreadful 3-13 campaign seems likely with four tough games remaining on the schedule.

You were their only hope. Your love could turn everything around.

But then, Jon Bon, you gave love a bad name by denying your interest in being a part of this once great franchise.

Now Titan fans are living on a prayer. They are hoping the news of your disinterest isn’t true. It’s no secret that the team’s ownership has made some questionable decisions over the past several years. The coaching situation is a mess, as is the roster.

Changes are needed. Fans want someone new running the show.

And who better than you, Mr. Jovi? You’re a cowboy. On a steel horse you ride.

When you wrote your hit song “I’ll Be There” in 1988, fans of this team had no doubt what you meant. You were saying that when the team sent long-time head coach Jeff Fisher packing and things spiraled out of control, you’d be there to pick up the pieces.

Marcus Mariota recorded the longest touchdown of the year with his 87-yard run, while passing for three more in Sunday's win over the Jags. PHOTO BY MATTHEW MAXEY

Dear Jon, just think what the future could hold with a decade of you and Mariota together in Music City. PHOTO BY MATTHEW MAXEY

The Titans are in desperate need of shaking up. You could say that the franchise needs to be shaken up like bad medicine. And you, Jon, have the potion that could cure the Titans’ disease.

Nashville loves music. You are a rock idol. Nashville also loves the Titans. You are a cowboy on a steel horse. Those two combinations make a lot of sense.

You want to make a memory? Become the owner of the Titans and watch Marcus Mariota win eight straight Super Bowls. He’s that good, and all he needs is you calling the shots in the front office.

Listen, Jon. It’s your life. You can do what you want with it. But remember: You’re not gonna live forever. It’s now or never when it comes to buying the Titans. You will not get this great of an opportunity ever again.

You’ve said it yourself. We weren’t born to follow. It’s time for you to be a leader. A leader of the next great franchise in the NFL.

With Mariota under center, you are no longer living on a prayer. You, good sir, are living on a player. A ridiculously talented player with a world of potential that will eventually run out of fingers to put Super Bowl rings on.

Maybe you take over the team, and years down the line after the Titans have won 10 straight Super Bowls, you no longer want anything to do with owning a football squad. That’s perfectly fine. Who says you can’t go home?

You won’t even have to thank the fans for loving you. They will understand. After all, you will have gotten them numerous Super Bowl trophies.



The deal makes too much sense. This franchise was born to be your baby. You were made to be its man.

Do the deal, Jon. Don’t be a runaway. Go out in a blaze of glory.

After a disastrous few seasons, fans of this team continue to follow your advice. They are trying to keep the faith. But it’s becoming more and more challenging by the day. If you lay your hands on this franchise, all of that will change.

The time is now. Let’s make it happen.

Have a nice day.


Blake Lovell

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  1. Caroline

    Lol, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora wrote I’ll Be There For You for the New Jersey album released in 1988, not 1994.