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Beauty to Behold inside LeQuire Gallery

Photo by Dean Dixon

Located barely 10 minutes out of downtown Nashville, our city boasts the incredible LeQuire Gallery that is now part of the rejuvenated Charlotte Avenue Corridor. The gallery is owned by renowned artist and sculptor, Alan LeQuire- who sculpted Nashville’s famous “Musica” statue located at the Music Row roundabout. LeQuire is also responsible for the creation of the 40-foot tall Athena Parthenos statue at the Parthenon in Centennial Park. When visiting LeQuire’s gallery, you will see sculptures up to 12 feet tall; you’ll see busts and full, life-size statues of work – and you will have the opportunity to peer into the daily life of a world-renowned sculptor.

The gallery itself from the outside is very unassuming, and one would not imagine that inside these walls is such an awe-inspiring collection of art and sculpture from artists from all around the world.

LeQuire’s statue of Athena housed inside the Parthenon at Centennial Park. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

Need more reasons to visit?

A portion of LeQuire’s Gallery’s mesmerizing fall exhibit, “Drawing Down the Moon,” featuring paintings by Joshua Bronaugh, is still on view at the gallery. This bold collection, with its cadmium red portraits, has a very alluring effect. One guest was so intrigued with the paintings’ “glow” he assumed they must be illuminated from behind the canvas. You can also check out the newly opened holiday exhibit through January 12, which is a comprehensive tribute to the medium of wood including sculpture, wood turnings and incredible botanical watercolors and prints to liven up the holidays. They are truly stunning in their beauty.

The works of Mr. LeQuire are on display for your viewing pleasure, but other artists include Maggie Rose, Lori Putnam and Marlee De Waele – De Bock. The paintings and sculptures are so incredible they leave you meandering around in awe, wishing you didn’t have to leave.

Watercolor print “Fall” by Susie Campion. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

You can peer into the life of an amazing sculptor, as LeQuire’s work space is in the back of the gallery.  His sculptures are seen throughout the gallery space and as you stroll through, you can allow yourself to imagine the incredible journey each piece went through to come about. LeQuire’s sculptures are not just a work of art, they are works of life, experience, love and even despair.   When we asked him how he so fully captures an expression, he simply says he waits until his models are completely relaxed, and in those moments, their expressions are captured and molded into immortality.

But don’t take our word for what beauty is within these walls. Go see and enjoy for yourself!  In the interim, here is an inside peak of some of the pieces you can see (all of which are for sale) when you enter the gallery.   We will be adding more photos to our story as well – so please check back.

The Nature of Wood III: Sculpture, Wood-turnings, & Works on Paper

LeQuire Gallery first presented “The Nature of Wood”  in 2009 with great success, calling for a refrain in 2013 with much anticipation, and again with great success. In short, the material of wood, in all its many forms, resonates with a wide audience and therefore remains one of the most well-attended exhibits in the gallery’s history on Charlotte Avenue. Alan LeQuire helped pioneer the West Nashville corridor opening his gallery in December of 2003. With a 15-year celebration coming up , we thought it most appropriate to revisit one of the business’ most popular group shows and concepts this holiday season with “Nature of Wood III.” It features the work of Brenda Stein, William Kooienga, Olen Bryant, Caleb Woodard and Susie Campion and runs through Jan. 12. A reception for the artists takes place Saturday, December 8, 10 am – 3 pm.

“Nature of Wood III.” Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

Alan LeQuire

“Musica Maquette” by Alan LeQuire. This 9″ bronze was the first model for the 40-ft icon located at Music Row. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

LeQuire’s Portraiture of Harvie Branscomb – Chancellor, Vanderbilt University (1946 – 1963). Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

Alan LeQuire’s colossal “Dream Forest” consists of 12-ft. tall elongated torsos with tree-like stature. They are part of a traveling exhibit that is an ode to the disappearing forest ecosystem. “They welcome us with a living presence,” LeQuire says. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

Maggie Rose

Maggie Rose’s most recent series  Stone | Flesh  | Paint is “an austere exhibition of figurative oil paintings which envision the marble-white and phallocentric paragons of classical antiquity in color. The Toronto-based artist is best known for her masterful and near-photo-realistic paintings of classical still life, objects related to body-identity, and the translucence of pale skin. Stone | Flesh | Paint is a continued investigation by Rose into embedded signifiers of bodily form through the canon of ancient Grecian and Roman sculptural artifacts.” – Nashville Arts

Rose is a Canadian painter, who also teaches master workshops at the New York Academy of Art.

“Unearthed Steed” by Maggie Rose. Inspired by terracotta horse statues of 300 BC. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

“Osuan Bull” by Maggie Rose. Inspired by 5th c. stone statue from Osuan, Seville Spain. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

Marleen De Waele – De Bock 

Marleen De Waele – De Bock is Flemish, but before moving to the US, she spent several years in South Africa. The expressionist painter and print maker still reflects on her time and connection to Africa, how the bold texture and colors of the country influence her, and in many ways, how it still dictates her work today.

“Pond & Flowers” by Marleen De Waele – De Bock. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

Lori Putnam

“Her emphasis is not on recreating the world as the rest of us see it. Her challenge is to communicate a subject to the viewer with as little information as possible.” – Nashville Arts

Lori Putnam is an internationally recognized painter in this plein air tradition, who competes, teaches and judges all over the world. Paintings capturing everything from the national parks to shrimping vessels in Apalachicola showcase her wide-ranging interests.

“Route 66” by Lori Putnam. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

“Red Rocked” by Lori Putnam. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

“Little Cabin” by Lori Putnam. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

Ben Caldwell

Coppersmith and painter Ben Caldwell is one of the area’s most popular artists, best known for his grogeous silver and copper serving pieces shown on HGTV, in Martha Stewart’s collection and having been featured in OPRAH and Garden & Gun magazines. Caldwell also creates innovative enamel wall sculptures using a technique in which he “paints with fire.” See the process.

Ben Caldwell Enamel Wall Sculpture. Photo courtesy of LeQuire Gallery

LeQuire Gallery is located at  4304 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209. Business hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 3pm. To plan your Christmas gallery gathering  or visit the gallery , either stop by during business hours or contact Elizabeth at 615-298-4611.