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Big Kenny Takes a Shine to EDM

Big Kenny / Photo by Bill Hobbs

Big Kenny / Photo by Bill Hobbs

Big Kenny / Photo by Bill Hobbs

You know how people always say about children, “I wish I could bottle that energy?” Well if anyone has done that it’s Big Kenny Alphin. Though Alphin admits charmingly that he’s celebrating his 5th decade on this planet he still exudes a great enthusiasm and tremendous, almost celebratory energy for life. Is it any wonder that along with his well-known counter part, John Rich, that he’s created a whole new style of music that will get people up off their butts, onto their feet – and dancing in the streets – Literally!

The new music style is called: “ELECTROSHINE!” (or Electro-Country-Shine as the case may be.)

The whole essence of this music is built on that ongoing rhythmic beat we so often hear in nightclubs when everybody in the place gets up and begins to freestyle, filling the dance-floors once the beat takes them over. (That beat is electronic dance music or EDM)

Alphin saw this firsthand when after their concert performances he and duo partner, John Rich, would wind down by playing music and dancing between the buses – having their own party as a way to blow off steam.

That got Alphin to thinking … what if we shared this with EVERYBODY?

Big Kenny / Photo by Bill Hobbs

Big Kenny / Photo by Bill Hobbs

Calling his Nashville home-studio the “University of Creativity,” Alphin proudly presented his “ELECTROSHINE” project to a handful of reporters who were all but dancing themselves when they heard the infectious beats. Alphin cracks: “I know it’s early but some of you are going to want to dance and if I do the same please forgive me, because I think everybody ought to wake up every morning, dancing, yeah!”

What Alphin has found is a way to pair that contagious dance-rhythm with instruments like banjos and fiddles and great harmonies, creating a whole new genre.

Alphin says: “Music city is a beacon of creativity for the world right now…there is just so much flooding in here and there’s so much varied talent that comes in and out of this place. You know sometimes people just show up on my doorstep and then all of the sudden you find out they’re brilliant at something musically!” He continues, stating that ELECTROSHINE is just a continuation of what the MuzikMafia always stood for, which is music without prejudice.

One of the main goals for Alphin appears to be his great, eternal desire to “love everybody” and have everybody else do the same. He feels that music – especially dance music – inspires people to share, care and love.

One of the songs that Alphin created for the ELECTROSHINE sound was titled “Dance Upon This Solid Ground.” Being a true advocate and having a real and huge fondness for all people, Alphin relates: “We went into Trench Town in Jamaica just to throw up the big speakers and the lights and see what would happen.”  Turns out everyone showed up to dance; rich, poor, young or old(er), from the right side of the street, or the “wrong” side, everyone danced – and they danced together!

Alphin says that the song “Hope Chant” – featuring Ky-Mani Marley, Big Kenny, KJ Marley and Chebacca, signifies the hope and dream he has for our nation and our universe. With lyrics like: “we’re gonna stand united, show the world we can make it through,” he might very well be on his way to changing the way we think about our neighbors, be they in this country or another.

Alphin has also remixed Big & Rich hits, “Party Like Cowboys” and “Born Again.”

Starting out as an experiment, Rich and Alphin purchased some circus tents and set them up complete with staging, lights, dancing girls, circus-type performances, etc., and welcomed everyone to come out and dance for free.  So far, it looks like ELECTROSHINE is fast catching on!  Check it out at youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrsXNdZDXaM

Says Alphin, “People want to party and we are here to give the party, and share the love.”

Big Kenny / Photo by Bill Hobbs

Big Kenny / Photo by Bill Hobbs

In 2014, Big Kenny says they are going to expand the musical experience in a large way via the “ELECTROSHINE Experience.” After some careful planning and consideration they’ve finally honed in on the concept, purchased two circus tents and along with the new ELECTROSHINE music keeping people on their feet, there will also be lasers, fog sheets that project against dancers, characters and aerialists. Alphin has called it the “musical circus that doesn’t stop and that is all-engaging.”

It’s worked in Twin Lakes North Dakota, it’s worked in Jamaica! So put your dancing shoes on and get ready to stay up all night because Big Kenny and ELECTROSHINE are coming to YOUR CITY!