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Brett Kissel: Canadian country music star, new Nashville resident

Canadian country star Brett Kissell. Photo Courtesy of Adam Gonshor at Warner Music Canada

Canadian country star Brett Kissell. Photo Courtesy of Adam Gonshor at Warner Music Canada

From the western province of Alberta, Canadian native Brett Kissel has been working on his music skills since before he was in his teens. Kissel released his first album, “Keepin’ It Country” at the age of twelve, an album produced by Freddie Pelletier. Before signing with Warner Music Canada, he released three more independent albums, Tried and True, A Canadian Tribute, and My Roots Run Deep.

Nominated for the Chevy Trucks Rising Star Award at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards at the age of sixteen, he is the youngest CCMA nominee in the history of the awards show. Co-managed by Major Bob’s Nashville, Brett Kissel is securing his place in Nashville, and he hopes, in the USA. So let’s take a look at up and coming Country Music Artist Brett Kissel.

Except for the United States, Canada has the largest country music fan and artist base in the world, which is to be expected given the two countries’ cultural similarities. When an artist comes from a different part of the world and their music is successful there, what direction would one take if they came to Music City USA? I asked Kissel and he explained, “I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, and I’ve done pretty good so far, so I don’t think our direction will change much. We’re not totally rock country, nor are we totally pop country, and we’re definitely not traditional.”

“I think we lie somewhere in the middle of all them and that’s the direction I believe we will keep heading. We just hope to do it bigger and better.  My wife and I have lived in Nashville for about two years now, and since I’ve been here I’ve been writing with as many people as I can and just trying to break into the country music market here.”  Kissel expressed.

Photo courtesy of Adam Gonshor at Warner Music Canada

Photo courtesy of Adam Gonshor at Warner Music Canada

Nashville is definitely a tough town and even though an artist has a hit in a different part of the world, it doesn’t mean they will be successful here.  In a business where there are more artists and songs than grains of sand on a beach, one might wonder what is the key to the success.

Kissel continued, “My manager wants to find that one song that will identify me with my potential audience here. In other words I need a hit song. Without it we’re dead in the water. That’s why I’ve been writing so much. And at the same time we have been searching for the right songs.”  “Started with a Song” is his major label debut album, released on October 1, 2013 on Warner Music Canada and was already nominated for Country Album of the Year at the 2014 Juno Awards, so it looks like the Brett Kissel team knows what they’re looking for.

Brett Kissel is no stranger to producing hit songs. He might not have broken fully into the American market yet, but he is far ahead of many. Further, he already has a knack for working the stage as well as a decade of professional performance under his belt at the young age of 22.  When you’re looking for something a little different with a driving edge, check out country music artist Brett Kissel. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

For more on Brett Kissel’s music check out his website or find him on Facebook and Twitter.