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Brooke Eden: Ready to take country music by storm

Born and raised in central Florida, she grew up learning what it meant to work hard in order to succeed. She was a seasoned performer by the age of 13 when she joined her father’s band, where he played drums. She worked her way through college as a bartender and eventually moved to Nashville, armed with a degree in marketing and opening performance credits for such legends as Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn.  She has a new single out called “Daddy’s Money” and it is doing pretty well!  Red Bow Records artist Brooke Eden is this week’s up-and-coming artist for Sports & Entertainment Nashville.

Eden has been performing since she was 13, opening for the likes of Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn. PHOTO COURTESY BROOKE EDEN

Eden has been performing since she was 13, opening for the likes of Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn. PHOTO COURTESY BROOKE EDEN

Eden moved to Nashville and landed a gig at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. She began working with the late Greg Humphrey, who ran Tootsie’s record label. Working at Tootsie’s gave her schooling from the king of honky-tonks and helped her hone her skills like the legends from Tootsie’s past.  She also learned early on that Nashville is built on relationships after Humphrey introduced her to several music industry contacts around town. This turn of events eventually helped Eden land a record deal with Red Bow Records through a friend of a friend of Humphrey’s. This is how so many success stories echo throughout the years in Nashville, which gave many of our legends their start.  Now it is Eden’s turn, taking her chance at leaving her mark on country music.

Eden is an accomplished songwriter as well. She has written over a hundred songs in the past year alone and is not letting up. One of her songs called “Sunday Morning,” which she wrote with hit songwriter Justin Wilson, was just one of the songs she wrote or co-wrote on her new album. That is just one area she works hard in. “Everybody’s story is different, and I’ve had to be really patient to get where I am in my life and career,” Eden says. “But I’ve always believed that, just as my parents said, I could do it. It’s all about constantly having faith that you were put here to do something special.”  Whether writing songs or performing on stage, she works the room and stage like everyone is important — a true trait of a classic entertainer.

Brooke Eden's current single on country radio is the fiery "Daddy's Money." PHOTO COURTESY BROOKE EDEN

Brooke Eden’s current single on country radio is the fiery “Daddy’s Money.” PHOTO COURTESY BROOKE EDEN

Self-respect is important to Eden, and she wants to represent country music – and especially women of country music – in a grand light.  The lyrics in her songs talk about doing it yourself with a hard word ethic and not waiting around for someone to do it for you. I believe she will go far in this great industry we call the country music business, armed with talent and the right attitude to take on anything. Now she is doing a radio tour promoting her new single “Daddy’s Money,” and it is starting to climb the charts! This leaves high hopes for her fans and future fans.

If you would like to learn more about her, visit her official website, like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. She has several tour dates coming up in Georgia, Alabama, Wisconsin and many more including several local shows in Nashville.  Do yourself a favor and go check out one of her performances!