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S&E Nashville CRS Interview: Darryl Worley

Sitting down with Darryl Worley at CRS [2017] is always an incredible treat. To visit with someone so genuine in nature is the proverbial icing on the cake added to the many joys we already have in this business of media.

If you are also a fan of Darryl, you’ll be excited to hear what he’s been up to – and what he’s been through in the last year. 

Not long after we visited with Darryl in 2016 – he and his wife survived a cyclone (a real one) – and thereafter, stayed in the area to help with the clean up. 

Additionally, Worley has been working on a “Greatest Hits” project that will include15 songs in celebration of the 15th anniversary of his first No. 1 single.  He also performed at the President’s Inaugural Ball – and still had time to work on opening a wellness center to help young people recover from drug and alcohol abuse. 

But that’s not everything he’s been up to.  Worley tells of taking a group of wounded warriors deer hunting last year and found sheer joy in watching them enjoy it as a group. Jokingly, Worley says he ‘nearly froze, but that it was worth every minute.’

But that’s still not everything.  Find out below what’s still yet to come.  And in the spring, we’ll have Darryl Worley’s Greatest Hits to look forward to!

Listen below to find out more – as Darryl talks about all these things, how life, love and becoming a parent can change a person – and the next album he’s really enjoying working on.

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