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SE& Nashville CRS Interview: Jason Pritchett

Newcomer, Jason Pritchett is the epitome of a country soul.  In true Chris LeDoux fashion, Pritchett started out riding bulls until, he says, he realized he “wasn’t very good.”  There was a lot of money going out in entry fees and to get to the rodeos and not enough wins for his trouble.   Now retired from bull riding and having a family, Pritchett says it’s “way more important to be in one piece strumming a guitar and being safe than it is to be riding bulls.”

Once you hear Pritchett, you’ll be glad he took up the guitar because he certainly infuses country music (and now country radio) with the “country” vibe that many feel has been missing of late. 

In this CRS interview with Jessi Maness, Pritchett talks about his new single “Good Show” hitting  #16 on radio! And as it landed in the Top 20, he also received an invitation to walk the Red Carpet at the CMA Awards in 2016!   

He also explains the similarities between bull riding and the music industry and how with both, you just have to “roll with it.” 

Pritchett has many things going for him – he is not just anaother handsome face.

He has had 3 consecutive Top 40 songs, has 24,000 Facebook followers, a full-time performing career in Branson, MO, and to boot, a world-class producer in Billy Dean. (Billy Dean is a long-time recording artist with hits to his credit like “Somewhere In My Broken Heart” and “Billy The Kid.”)

Beyond his music career however, Pritchett has a long-standing and permanent goal of always wanting to be a good role model for boys – to show them how to be a good man, a good husband, a good boyfriend, etc.  He hopes that message comes across in his show and in just the way he carries himself through everyday life.

Listen to the interview for yourself!  You’re going to be hearing a great deal more about this artist. If you don’t yet know his name, you will!