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S&E Nashville CRS Interview: Liddy Clark

Liddy Clark is an 18-year old singing sensation who has a relatively fresh approach to country music.  Her new song “Painted by Numbers” is a song that is gaining airplay and that has an interesting story.

Clark says the song was 80 percent her own and that she knew exactly what the song was about  – but she was having a little trouble landing on the main hook. That’s when her father, David Clark, also a songwriter, jumped in to help, and together, they ended up with a truthful and telling song.  A song about NOT being pushed into becoming what someone else wants or doing something just because it’s popular. A song of standing up for yourself – of not being “painted by numbers” when it comes to jean sizes, calorie counting or other similar items.

Clark has many other tunes you can check out including her latest single titled: “Single On Valentine’s Day,” which exclusively premiered on Radio Disney Country. Check her out on Youtube.

Liddy Clark is currently preparing to attend college in Los Angeles to study business but hopes to expand her horizons musically, and will continue to write songs and perform. It is very likely we will see much of her in the future!

If you would like to learn more about Liddy Clark, visit her official website.