S&E Nashville CRS Interview: TG Sheppard and wife Kelly Lang

SEN sat down with TG Sheppard at CRS 2017 and talked about life, love, relationships and what new music we might have to look forward to in the near future.

Never has he been as happy as he is now – because Sheppard says he is finally at a point in his life and in this business of music that he’s “not obsessed” anymore.   He stops and smells the roses now.

Listen in as TG, joined by his wife Kelly Lang, talks about the things he’s looking forward to, the changes in his life, the joy of performing shows with his wife and more.

Sheppard says he is about to embark on recording some new music – some of which he will write – and some he may write with or obtain from friends like Mac Davis or John Rich.

Sheppard’s last studio project was Legendary Friends and Country Duets (available at Amazon) and featured duets with famed artists like the Oak Ridge Boys, B.J. Thomas, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and of course, wife, Kelly Lang.

Touring – Sheppard reflects on touring and states that the greatest thing about touring now is that the crowds are still exciting and are getting larger because there is a return to classic country.  He’s looking out over the crowd and seeing teenagers and people in their mid-twenties who’ve been introduced to his music via a parent or grandparent.

Sheppard and wife, Kelly Lang travel a lot together – and Sheppard says it is wonderful to be married to someone who “understands what you do for a living”.  He calls Kelly the “woman of his dreams” and she in turn, calls Sheppard the “greatest husband who ever walked the face of the earth.”

Together, they talk about how nowadays for them, their priorities center around their relationships…with GOD, each other, with family and friends.

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