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S&E Nashville CRS Interview: James Robert Webb

James Robert Webb is not a name you may have heard just yet – or perhaps you have if you’ve gone looking for “the bridge” that carries us to and fro from traditional country to modern country and allows us to linger at times in between.

James Robert Webb is a stellar individual with a heart for healing – and for impacting the people around him in as positive a manner as he can muster. To fill his need and desire to care for others he actually has two careers, one as a highly regarded physician, the other as a country music artist. 

His goal is the same in music as it is when working with his patients – to have a long-term, positive impact.  He says when helping someone medically, he can help them both today and for days, weeks and months to come. A healing or better medical health can impact them positively – and can do the same for those around them. But when writing a song, it has the potential to positively impact thousands of people, even for generations to come if it’s strong enough.

You will enjoy hearing about James’ goals here. His new CD, Honky Tonk Revival, will be out in April – so watch for it!

For more information, please visit: jamesrobertwebb.com.