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S&E Nashville CRS Interview: Tim Rushlow

Tim Rushlow’s name might sound very familiar to you. If so, it’s probably because you’ve heard it in accordance with the name “Little Texas,” the multi-million selling, chart -topping country group from the 90’s, fronted by Rushlow. 

Beyond Little Texas, Rushlow went on to pursue a career as a solo country artist – and did so successfully.

Today however, after two solo deals with labels that merged and cut him from the roster, Rushlow has once again landed on his feet and recreated himself.  He is working with a 20-piece big band and is fast becoming a well-known, “Bobby Darin-style” crooner.  It’s as if he has multiple lives – or at least multiple career-lives, because he is on his third successful version of himself as an artist.  If he were a cat, he’d still be in great shape!

Rushlow’s secret to success?  He says it’s always been his thought that “No” doesn’t mean “no,” it just means “not yet!”  So he bravely marches on doing what he does best. And you might be surprised that some of his “best” is presented on this album, Tim Rushlow & His Big Band Live!

For more information on Tim, visit his official website.

Take a listen to what he has to say about his journey through his career and his excitement for the future!