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Darryl Worley channels country music success into charitable efforts

Photo courtesy of Darryl Worley

Born in a Southern town in West Tennessee, Darryl Worley grew up singing in church from the age of eight where he was the son of a minister and raised on a cattle farm. That combination was the building blocks that would prepare him for a lifelong career as a country music star and set the stage for him to move people with inspiring songs and a work ethic needed to keep it going for years to come. From the depths of the heart of country music came DreamWorks recording artist Darryl Worley.

After finishing his degree in biology at University of North Alabama, Worley couldn’t shake the call of his music roots.  Instead of pursuing a career as a biologist, Worley decided to take a publishing deal with Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama that became the steeping stone that lead him to his success. “I had a lot of folks that helped me along the way – Larry Roser, Jimmy Pyle, and Steve Bigbee,” Worley explains. “A buddy of mine, Jason Houser, helped convince Gary Overton to sign me to EMI Music Publishing and that’s when things really started to happen. They got me a deal with DreamWorks and that launched my career on a national level.”

With the release of his first album “Hard Rain Don’t Last” in 1999, his success with songs like “A Good Day to Run,” “Second Wind” and “Sideways” reached the Top 20 on the “Billboard” charts. Along with getting cuts by artists like George Jones, whose single “Sinners & Saints” was co-written by Worley, his career was off and running.  His second album “I Miss My Friend” produced his first number one hit with the title track. This success set the tone for his career and future legacy in country music, producing hit albums year after year and receiving many award nominations such as CMA and ACM Awards.

“Lonely Alone” is the first single off Worley’s Greatest Hits album. Photo courtesy of Darryl Worley

“My career has been multifaceted with the success of ‘Have You Forgotten.’ It presented the opportunity for me to do the journeys into the war zone performing for the troops,” Worley continues. “For years we have done those USO tours and out of all the experiences in my life nothing can top that.” Worley was nominated for almost every CMA, ACM and many other awards, but says if he had won all of them, it still wouldn’t compare to the experience he had performing for the troops.

Worley has done a great amount of charitable work, giving back because it’s the right thing to do. The Darryl Worley Foundation supports organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center, The Darryl Worley Cancer Center and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  He puts on the Tennessee River Run each year and the proceeds go to these worthy causes.  This should tell you that Worley practices what he preaches and is not afraid to get involved even when there is no profit.

Worley is launching his Greatest Hits album and has just released the first single “Lonely Alone.” “About a year and a half ago we started working on putting together this project which includes eight of our greatest hits and seven new songs including ‘Lonely Alone’ and it is set to be released in April or May of this year,” Worley explained. “We really wanted to not only give the fans the old stuff, but some new stuff as well to listen to.”

Worley also has a Christian album in the works and we can expect to see that in the near future – who knows, it may be his biggest success yet.  Worley has a lot of great things coming from tours to new music that will appeal to his older fans as well as future fans that have yet to be introduced to country music’s real country boy.  If you would like to check out some of Worley’s tour dates, new music or just reconnect with him, go to his website or like him on Facebook.  You can also find his music on iTunes and Spotify.