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David Nail knows how to “Nail” down country music hits

His father was a high school band teacher, giving him a love for music at an early age. Growing up in the Missouri Bootheel close to the Mississippi River proved to be influential by adding touch of St. Louis blues to his music.  He originally signed to Mercury Records Nashville, but eventually signed to MCA Records where he has recorded three albums, with seven singles reaching the top 40 on the Hot Country Charts.  Two of these songs went to number one, “Let it Rain” and “Whatever She’s Got,” and “Red Light” made it to number seven.  He doesn’t get the credit he deserves with the amount of success he has had, but he takes it with stride.  This week, Sports and Entertainment Nashville is listening to MCA recording artist David Nail – and we really like what we hear.

David Nail, one of country music's biggest hit makers. PHOTO COURTESY DAVID NAIL

David Nail, one of country music’s biggest hit makers. PHOTO COURTESY DAVID NAIL

Nail was not just a musician growing up, he was also pretty good at baseball and was offered a couple of scholarships for college, but his music was his true love, so he decided to move to Nashville.  As most of us know, Nashville is a tough town on young artists and within a year he moved back to Missouri.

The second time he moved to Nashville, things started to happen for him; he signed his first record deal with Mercury Records after meeting producer Keith Stegall, but that wasn’t his path and Stegall left the label and the album was never released.  As luck would have it, Nail met producer Frank Liddell and signed to MCA where he released “I’m About to Come Alive,” with two singles reaching the top 20.  This put Nail on the map and he was on his way to leaving his own mark on country music.

When it comes to songwriting, Nail thinks deep and he usually co-writes because other songwriters seem to help him write songs based on the truth. This style of writing has worked for him. He co-wrote one of his No. 1 hits “Let it Rain” with Jonathan Singleton and has written several songs he recorded on his first three albums.  Songwriting has always been a part of Nail’s music adventure and always will be.  He was nominated for an ACM Award for Vocal Event of the Year for “Let it Rain” in 2013, while also being nominated for ACM Song of the Year with “Red Light” in 2010, and he was even nominated for a Grammy with “Turning Home” in 2011.

Nail and Little Jimmy Dickens at the Grand Ole Opry. PHOTO COURTESY DAVID NAIL

Nail and Little Jimmy Dickens at the Grand Ole Opry. PHOTO COURTESY DAVID NAIL

David Nail is currently on his 2016 national tour called Night’s on Fire and has a stop at the Grand Ole Opry next week on April 26th, so if you get the chance go see him, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  Nail’s hard-earned steady success is like a slow burning ember that has kept on burning long after he was expected to burn out.  I for one see a lot more hits from this guy, with an incredible voice and power songs that stick with you long after you’ve listened to them.  If you would like to purchase some of David Nail’s music, visit his official website. You can also like him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.