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Centerville – A town made of friendliness and charm

While there is an endless list of places and activities to keep you entertained in Music City, there are several gems just outside our city that make for the ideal day trip. Just one of these towns is Centerville, TN and Sports & Entertainment Nashville decided to take a trip to the area for the third installment of our “Day Trippin’” series.

Centerville Marketplace is home to a vast array of antique goods PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

Centerville Marketplace is home to a vast array of antique goods PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

The gray skies didn’t keep us from exploring what this town has to offer, including its adorable downtown square featuring a myriad of antique shops. Our first stop was to the Centerville Marketplace, a three-story building filled with exciting antique finds. From essential oils to old-fashioned furniture, and every kind of item in between, one is sure to stumble upon one-of-a-kind goods at Centerville Marketplace. Just one of the unique items you’ll find are goat milk soaps and lotions made by Centerville residents Nate & Vanessa Davis at Totty’s Bend Farm. Each level of the store boasts a new selection of decor that is sure to thrill any thrift shopper. As for my roommate and I, we walked away with a wide array of items from a chic pair of shoes to vintage holiday cards, making for a successful start to our day.

With our antique goods from the Marketplace in hand, we headed over to another great gift shop next door, Remember When. Inside you’ll find quaint, yet stylish offerings like purses, jewelry, and even a variety of handmade Polish pottery pieces, including beautiful teapots and dishware (I left with a lovely painted cup that is sure to be the perfect birthday present for my mother). From there, we visited the Shop ‘til it Stops Boutique just across the square, a store that does much more than simply sell merchandise. Filled with clothes, household goods, old records, and a wide selection of decorative pieces, Shop ‘til it Stops is run by dedicated volunteers with proceeds going toward “Women are Safe,” an organization working to help victims of domestic violence. Before grabbing a bite to eat, we had to stop in the lovely Naturally You, a cool shop in the square that offers residents an opportunity to purchase health-conscious items such as seaweed bath salts and all-natural cosmetics, making for one of the more unique shops in town.

Papa Kayjoe's BBQ joint has some of the best barbecue around PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

Papa KayJoe’s BBQ joint has some of the best barbecue around PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

But the real highlight of the day was lunch at Papa KayJoe’s BBQ, which has received attention from Travel and Leisure and the Cooking Channel’s “Man Fire Food.” While anything you select is bound to be delicious, my roommate stuck with the signature pulled pork sandwich while I went for the barbeque grilled cheese. We couldn’t resist an order of fried pickels – with the occasion marking my first time trying the dish – and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The main course was fantastic and was easily some of the best barbecue I’d ever had. However, the star of show had to be the homemade sweet barbecue sauce – though all of KayJoe’s sauces are handmade from scratch – as it  added the perfect balance of sweetness to our smoked meal. Chef and owner Devin Pickard was even kind enough to make a batch for us to take home after starting a friendly conversation with us about where we were from and what brought us to Centerville.

It’s clear as one explores this town that Centerville is built on local goods and the passionate neighbors who make them. From the social camaraderie found in Papa KayJoe’s to the friendly demeanor of the shop owners, Centerville makes for a wonderful daylong getaway.

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  1. Thank you for the article. Although I haven’t lived there in 53 years, I still enjoy returning and call it “The Holy Land.” Next trip, but sure to stop by The Town Crier (Hallmark Store). It an excellent business with good service.

  2. Alexis C Michaud

    Haven’t been there, but Centerville is my Son-in Laws hometown. The family was there over thanksgiving and try to go from Texas, every year to keep in touch with friends and family.