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Dolly Parton talks plans for 2016 – Listen live here!

Dolly Parton speaks at a Press Conference on March 7 to speak of her plans for 2016. PHOTO BY KAYLA SCHOEN

Dolly Parton shares her plans for 2016 – in her own words!

March 7, 2016 – Dolly Parton is a music industry icon worldwide and it is little wonder her fame continues to become her. With the continued energy, enthusiasm and youthfulness of a twenty-year old, she continues to power through year after year of writing, touring, performing, acting, producing and more. Is she planning to slow down? Well, we have excellent news. Dolly Parton has NO plans to retire.

But the plans she does have are multi-faceted and include a new album and another tour, more exciting openings and happenings at Dollywood, more television producing, more acting and yes, even an undertaking of getting her life-story performed on Broadway.

Dolly Parton met with select members of the media yesterday to discuss her plans for 2016.

You can listen to Dolly here:

But here’s what she had to say to get us started.


My goodness, we got a lot of people here, we’re excited, we’ve got a lot of new stuff you know me, always selling something. But we’re really excited about a lot of good things coming up. So I just wanted to say hello and welcome to all of you.

I’m just here to kind of announce today about a few things that I’m doing this year, because people always ask me what I’m doing. Of course, I’m going to go on tour this year in America and in Canada for the first time on a big extensive tour, in about 25 years since I’ve actually toured in Canada. We’ve done a few shows in America, but we’re going to be really doing an extensive tour starting in June through December. Of course, I’ll have a few weeks off in between, so we’re just kind of doing a few shows each month. So we’re excited about that.

Dolly Parton speaks at a Press Conference on March 7 to speak of her plans for 2016. PHOTO BY KAYLA SCHOEN

Dolly Parton speaks at a Press Conference on March 7 to speak of her plans for 2016. PHOTO BY KAYLA SCHOEN

And of course this is our 31st year at Dollywood. Can you believe that? Feel like that was about 10 years ago. Anyway, we’ve got a lot of really wonderful things going on. We’ve got a new roller coaster this year called Lightning Rod and it’s a wooden coaster, and they say it’s the first launched wooden roller coaster. Whatever that means. I think it means it goes and then shoots up for something. But anyway, it’s the fastest wooden roller coaster they tell me, it goes about 73 mph. Anyway, we’re excited about that because that’s actually a part of a whole thing that we’re doing at Dollywood remember a few years ago I talked about that we were going to spend $300 million and we’re well on our way and we’re spending $50 million this year to actually put a lot of wonderful things up in Dollywood area. One of the things I’m proud of, we got a new dinner theatre called “Lumberjack Pigeon Forge Adventure” and that’s down in that area called “The Island.” You know where that is right? They’re stealing a lot of business from us, so I figured I’d better get down there and get something going down there,” she laughs.

NEW CD and TOUR for 2016

Dolly mentioned that she’s also very excited about the new album she has coming out that will be titled: “Pure and Simple.” The title will in effect, match the tour – in that the tour will be just her and 3 other of her band members on stage. Parton laughingly pokes fun at herself saying: “I don’t know how pure I am, but I know I’m pretty simple.” She goes on to add that the tour herself will include many of her hits, but sound closer to the way they sounded when she wrote them, over having the sound of a large production. Though admitting to admiring and loving all members of her band, the “Mighty Fine Band,” Parton will only be touring with three of her band members: Kent Wells, Richard Dennison and Tom Rutledge. Parton relates what happens during the “Pure and Simple” performances, stating “There’s just four of us on stage and I play a lot of different instruments and we kind of all swap off on different things and they do harmony with me. So it’s just a simpler kind of show…”

To hear Dolly tell you in person, just take a listen:

The dual CD pack will be released soon and the tour will cover 60 cities across the United States and, according to Parton, a great deal of Canada because it has been many years since she’s toured there.


Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors movie was a huge success, with more movies to come. PHOTO COURTESY OF NBC

Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” movie was a huge success, with more movies to come. PHOTO COURTESY OF NBC

Dolly also spoke of her feelings of great emotion over the song and the movie, “Coat of Many Colors.” The movie aired on NBC last year and received an incredible response. Warner Brothers Entertainment will be releasing the movie on DVD on May 3, 2016 – just in time for Mother’s Day. Additionally, Parton fans will find a new song titled “Mama,” which will be downloadable and that will also be a part of the “Pure and Simple” album.


“In the ‘Coat of Many Colors’ I wanted less about me than about my family because I’ve always said I wanted to honor my father and my mother, like it says in the Bible. A lot of people think that just means to obey them, but I think it means to bring honor to their name and who they are –  and I really just wanted to show people the kind of people that I came from.


When asked about upcoming movies, Parton spoke with great pride, reminding us of the 4-picture deal she signed with Warner Bros. last year. Further, she informed us that a movie may be made around the song “Jolene.” Apparently, many have asked if the character of Jolene would be portrayed as a “trashy” woman. Parton states emphatically that “she most certainly will be.  Then adds, “Maybe she can become a Christian later, but I can’t just base stuff around what people [want]…because I’m a girl of many colors. My songs are my songs and my stories are my stories, but there will certainly be some redeeming qualities in it, but it’s not going to be like the “Coat of Many Colors.” So when it’s about Jolene stealing the husband, she’s going to be an adulteress, so that’s how that’s going to be.” Then with a jovial chuckle adds, ” But I’m not in it, I’m not being her.”


The Seeker

Parton continues the stream of information stating that “The Seeker,” will also make it onto the screen. Proudly she notes that “it’s a faith-based story, kind of about a Christ-type figure that travels the world trying to find himself, but also having the gift and trying to help people, kind of like “Highway to Heaven,” “Touched by an Angel,” that type of thing.  As for the “fourth” movie that is inked with Warner Bros., apparently there is no final decision yet as to what that might be. Though Parton does mention that she may just “do a musical special with that one.”


When asked, Parton did verify the rumor that her life story will be set to a musical on Broadway. “I just got the final scripts and so we’re actually doing that,” declares Parton. “I’m telling my life story as a musical, which I’ve written all the music for, a lot of the hits will be in it, but I’ve written a lot of new music as well. So we’re actually starting work on that now…but that’s probably a good year and a half, two years to being up on stage.”


As if the recording, touring, songwriting, movie script writing, running Dollywood and acting were not enough items on her agenda, Parton also notes that she hopes to get even more involved in the “producing end” of the television movies she is writing and/or starring in. Even stating that some of the reason for the tour this year was due to the fact that she may be too busy next year.

“I wanted to tour this coming year, even though I’ve got a lot of stuff in the works, I wanted to do that because next year I might possibly do a [TV] series – I’m certainly getting really involved in the production of these TV shows – so I might do more business things and just do some shows here and there so, I thought well, it’s a good time to do a tour and it helps to promote the park and a record and all the other stuff I’m out promoting, so it’s always good to do a tour. Plus I love the fans, I love to get out there and see that, so it just seemed to be the right thing to do. And I left time for everything else.”

Dolly Parton talks about moving forward and never looking back. PHOTO BY KAYLA SCHOEN

Dolly Parton talks about moving forward and never looking back. PHOTO BY KAYLA SCHOEN

Parton finishes: “I ain’t got time to look back…or I’ll never get anywhere. I mean I just use all the past as stuff to draw from and to kind of enrich the future. But I’m always looking forward. …Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived like 300 years and sometimes I feel like I’m just about 20 and I feel like I did when I first went to Nashville.

I just keep thinking I’m going to run out of time. I’ve got so much I still want to do and I keep thinking “don’t think like that, just do it, just do it, just work like you’re 16.” In fact I wrote a song called “I’m 16” and it’s in my new “Pure and Simple” album and it’s kind of about that; I’m 16 I’m feeling like I’m still in my teens and it’s that kind of thing. “And I’ll be 16 forever as long as you love me”she says, quoting the lyrics to the song. ” Anyhow, it’s kind of a cute little thing, but anyway I’ll always be looking forward because…I’m never going to retire and I hope to be around for a long time”



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