On A High Note

Fontanel establishes one-of-a-kind contemporary Indian art gallery featuring Ron Anderson

"Trail of Tears - painting by Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson

If you’ve not seen or heard about the new Fontanel, you are missing out. For Fontanel truly is a destination in and of itself.

And now, in addition to it being the former home of Country Music Hall of Famer, Barbara Mandrell, (with tours available daily), offering fine dining and wine, and fabulous concerts held in “The Woods” outdoor amphitheatre, Fontanel’s Farm House is now featuring the one of a kind artwork of Ronald Anderson, an artist of contemporary Indian art. Prints of Ron’s artwork have never been generated, so anything purchased at this gallery will be the only one of its kind in the world.

J.P. Dansereau, general manager of Fontanel, speaks enthusiastically about the meeting with Ron and how he continued to look at the portfolio on his desk, off and on for several months, before he had an enlightened sense of what he had to do.

“I was thinking the only thing we don’t have to offer here so far, is art. And who better to provide the artwork than Ronald Anderson, who lives right here in our community, and whose artwork would be a perfect fit. I worked for several Indian tribes myself over the years, so have always had a fondness for the cultures and in knowing I was doing something that was beneficial to that, so I am excited about Ron being here. Maybe we even keep the Trail of Tears painting” he muses, as he gives Ron a big smile.

"Trail of Tears - painting by Ron Anderson

“Trail of Tears – painting by Ron Anderson

Ron’s painting, the Trail of Tears is earthy and symbolic. And though near ghostly in feel, it is also nurturing, vulnerable and even a little saddening.

Still, it seems to offer an element of love and warmth unknown to most of us. Perhaps it is the way they are all gathered tightly together, knowing their fate, or seeing the semblance of cold overcoming them as they huddled, or knowing how they bled, cried or died. Simply, it is not a painting you will soon forget.

When asked how he feels about this opportunity, Ron uses words like destiny, fate and honor. He tells a story of what he charmingly calls his “younger days”, wherein he had a vision of his future. He recalls that he imagined painting and creating sculptures to honor his heritage (Ron is dominantly Choctaw Indian), and that he would one day live on the Trail of Tears and find the path and place for his work there.

Ironically, it was also part of the vision that he would only display his works in galleries, but not sell them until he landed on this “right path of honor.” So Ron has not placed any of his works for sale, until now.

True to that vision, Ron’s work will be honored – and for sale – in this gallery (formerly the gift shop at Fontanel) – and is located on the Trail of Tears, that historically, is shown to have run right through Whites Creek. Ron could not be happier with reaching his destiny.

And Fontanel? Well, it appears Fontanel may have the only Contemporary Indian Art gallery in the state of Tennessee.

If you’d like more information on Ron Anderson, or would like to visit the Farm House to see these one-of-a-kind treasures, then please contact the events department at 615-727-0304, or email them at info@fontanelmansion.com.