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Getting to Know Exile

Photo courtesy of Exile

Exile began performing as a band in 1963, just a group of high school guys trying to meet girls while performing music at the same time. Now celebrating 55 years of music success, their journey began in the small town of Richmond, Kentucky and has since generated one of the longest careers in music that would be admired by an artist of any genre. With incredible harmonies, natural music ability and an incredible selection of songs, the legendary super group Exile is still going strong and continues their success with no sign of slowing down.

Throughout the 1960s and 70’s, the band enjoyed fair success switching back and forth from pop and rock ‘n’ roll. “In 1978 we started working with Mike Chapman when things started to really happen,” claims Exile band member Marlon Hargis. “Chapman was a producer who had made a name for himself in England and Australia, who just happened to be looking for an American band.”  Chapman produced Exile’s first major charting album, “Mixed Emotions” which included the major hit, “Kiss You All Over.” The band toured with Aerosmith, Heart, Boston and Seals & Crofts throughout the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

After their original lead singer Jimmy Stokley left in 1980, the band made its move to country music.  Many of their songs were recorded by other country acts, but in 1983, the band began recording their own albums with music producer Buddy Killen that launched hits like “Woke Up In Love,” “Give Me One More Chance” and “Crazy For Your Love.” “Sometimes people ask how does it feel to be a hit band for 55 years, but you don’t really plan something like that. The first four or five years we were just having fun and 55 years later here we are,” Exile drummer Steve Goetzman explains.

Hargis and Goetzman proudly reiterate that for most of their 55 years, the band has gotten along and few egos stand in the way of the music.  The accomplishments this band has experienced speaks for itself, as few musicians have shared the stage that long and can still say they are the best of friends. Exile’s 55th anniversary tour begins in April and runs through December. Visit their website for more information or like them on Facebook.