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Getting to Know Parmalee

Photo courtesy of Parmalee

Growing up in North Carolina, brothers Matt and Scott Thomas began playing music in a family band, performing with their father.  After he retired, the brothers formed a new band with their cousin Barry Knox and life long friend Josh McSwain and began performing throughout North Carolina. After a brief struggle, they finally decided on naming the band after their home town, Parmalee.

When Parmalee visited Nashville because an artist was releasing one of their songs named “Carolina,” they ended up meeting David Fanning, who happened to be one of the founders of New Voice Entertainment. The company not only produced some of their songs, but also presented the group to Broken Bow Records, where they landed a record deal in 2012. The band has already charted on the “Billboard” Country Airplay chart and is making a mark on country music. Their 2017 single “Sunday Morning” has received more than 23 million streams on Spotify.

“This was a great feeling, I wrote the song with a couple of guys in Nashville named Ross Copperman and Josh Osborne,” explains Matt Thomas, lead singer of Parmalee. “It embodied what we do and we were looking for a new sound.  We began to perform it at [our live] show and we got a great response, with people singing it back. It’s crazy.”

“Sunday Morning” has set Parmalee strong out of the gate and we’ll soon hear their new single, coming in late spring.  Parmalee couldn’t name the new song, but has faith it will keep up with “Sunday Morning.”  “We have been touring all winter and are just ending the Hot Damalama Tour,”  Scott Thomas says. “But we will be touring again throughout the year.”

Parmalee has had success with a few songs since 2012.  “Carolina” reached No. 1 on the “Billboard” Country Airplay chart in 2013, while “Musta Had a Good Time” hit No. 38 that same year and “Close Your Eyes” reached No. 4 in 2014.  Their latest album “27861” is a new chapter in their lives and we believe they will go far.  “27861” is available on Parmalee’s website, or you can find them on Facebook and  Instagram.

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  1. Adam Waters

    Awesome guys with awesome talent!