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Glen Templeton – Everything we’ve been through is who we are today

Glen Templeton / Photo Sara Kauss Photography (cropped)

Singer/Songwriter Glen Templeton started this journey into music when he was just a kid. His dad was a huge role model for him when it came to country music, and was kind of a hometown hero, playing and performing in gospel quartets and other local shows. And as Glen goes on to say, “What little boy doesn’t want to follow in those footsteps of his dad when he sees him in that kind of light?”

Glen worked a day job for a time while also going out to sing at open-mic nights and karaoke contests, many of which he won. Finally, he was approached by someone who said they had family in Nashville and that if Glen wanted to have a career in music, he should go to Nashville and look them up – and the same person also offered to help him out with the expenses of doing so. Being ambitious, Glen took the leap – and says that since that time he has played almost every club across the United States.

Glen Templeton (photo Sara Kauss photography)

Glen recalls, “I started out down here at Tootsies [Orchid Lounge] –and I played there for a couple years – before I got invited to go out to Dallas TX to play. I was out there for about 6 months. Then when I moved back to Nashville I was selected by Conway Twitty’s family to play Conway in a touring musical. I did that for two years. My career’s been moving forward ever since. The Conway show was actually the platform for me being introduced to the first company that wanted to put a single out on me. So I put a single out on an independent label. Then we went from that label to a more major label – Black River Entertainment. So we put out the song “Ball Cap” on XM radio, which was a No.1 song (on SiriusXM’s The Highway Hot 45 LIVE] – then we put out “Let Her Go,” which turned out to be a No. 3 song.”

More recently, Glen recorded an album called “The California Album” in memory of his father, a Vietnam Veteran, who he lost 14 years ago to suicide.  “You never really get over something like that but I’ve made my peace with it,” Glen says.  “We never really have the answers – and maybe we’re not always meant to have all the answers.”

California Album was created in honor of Glen’s dad. (Photo courtesy of Glen’s Instagram)

The first single from the California album was “Hip to be Country,” which charted at number 8 on the Texas Charts. Glen finds fans everywhere he goes but he’s developed a huge following in Texas and Louisiana – and says he gets invited to perform there on a pretty regular basis. Since he performs and many fairs, festivals and rodeos, he’s also enjoying the times he gets invited back to NFR (National Finals Rodeo) and PBR (Professional Bull Riders) in Las Vegas. Glen says the cowboy way of life has always been ingrained somewhere inside him and now it seems to be growing.

The new single is called “Run With Me” and will be out in March and is dedicated to the fact that everybody has a little bit of a wild side.  “Run With Me” will be followed up with another single titled “Cut Offs.” Glen smilingly says, “I think singles are the entry ticket to the parade – and to events like this (CRS) where we get to meet people and share a handshake. I think sometimes we forget how to do that with the enveloping of social media and apps and such. I think sometimes it falls through the cracks that a [face-to-face]conversation is missed….but music is the entry ticket that allows you to remain relevant in the eyes of your peers.

Everything we’ve been through is who we are today – and that’s a part of my story. I’m very grateful to be in the position I’m in today. I’m always looking around the corner to see what God has in store for me next.”

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