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Granger Smith gives Music City a taste of new album

Granger Smith brought his new album, and a pack of excited people, to the Sutler Saloon last night for a listening party for his upcoming major label album debut, “Remington.” “Sports & Entertainment Nashville” had the chance to talk with Smith, who we profiled last month as one of our up and coming artists, at the party about the new album and other aspects of his career.

“This is kind of a recap of my last two years of my life and a lot of it are just stories from that – ups and downs, the peaks and valleys,” Smith said when describing “Remington.” “I’d like to think we kind of covered a big spectrum of that.”

As for some of his favorite tracks from the project, his recent No. 1 hit “Backroad Song,” tops the list, along with a song called “Tractor” that he wrote in honor of his father and one titled “Crazy As Me” that he refers to as the “wildcard” number on the album. “It’s a nice little love song and I like it,” he said of the song.

When it comes to making selections to include on the album, Smith describes the process as one that knows no boundaries. “It’s kind of all over the place,” he said. “I try to find a connection with what my story is, to what the people enjoy hearing from me. That’s a fine balance we try to find.”

And staying true to the values of country music is important to the singer, with Smith quickly citing George Strait as his biggest music influence, in addition to being all about the fans – revealing that he’s always conscious about taking them along for the ride. “We come from a standpoint of starting with the fans and bringing them to the table with us. That’s the perspective we take,” Smith said.

And let’s not forget his quirky alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr. “It’s a result of trying to come up with videos to help spread the message and Earl went viral,” Smith explained. “He’s the ultimate country boy.”

“Remington” hits shelves on March 4. Until then, visit the singer’s official website and Facebook page, where you can tide yourself over with more music from the country star.

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