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Hannah Anders is Like a Lady at CRS 2019

Hannah Anders single "Like a Lady" was released March 1, 2019. (Photo courtesy Hannah's Twitter)

When meeting Hannah Anders one suddenly realizes the depth and breadth of energy that just entered the room. She is open, kind, charismatic – she’d have to be charismatic considering that the only way she’d go to sleep as a toddler would be if she was allowed to faint like Snow White into her dad’s arms and he would carry her to bed. So she’s been a bit of a charismatic character for her entire life.

Hannah Anders is a full-time performing songwriter. Watch for her summer surprise when she pairs up with Big Smo!

Seemingly born to be a performer, and as she comes from quite a musical family, her parents were not surprised when she turned down some nice scholarships from schools within her home state of Georgia to attend Belmont College in Nashville instead; a decision Hannah says was the perfect choice for her.

Though Hannah has been working professionally as a touring musician for nine years, she is continually honing her writing and performing skills. But she also tries to keep things real by remembering her goals and that – as far as she’s concerned – dreams come true when you’re willing to work to make them happen. You might say she’s decided to work without a net. It’s music, or…it’s music. There’s really no other overarching goal; although with a personality like hers we won’t be surprised if we see her on the big screen one day.

Hannah Anders single “Like a Lady” was released March 1, 2019. (Photo courtesy Hannah’s Twitter)

Hannah’s new single “Like a Lady” released on March 1. When choosing a single, according to many artists, the songs just tell you which song will be the single. That was the case here too – because Hannah says though she originally struggled a little with which song should be the single, she kept coming back to “Like a Lady,’ because she felt it captured all that she wanted to say. It was sassy, edgy, but also relatable.

That cool, edgy style is what Hannah likes to do – but attributes that style in part to performing with the same band for 9 years. They do a lot of tempo-driven music and it’s long worked to their benefit.

As for what keeps her going no matter what kind of day she’s having, Hannah fills us in.

Hannah Anders – Courtesy of Kore PR

“It’s not for the faint of heart – and I have my days thinking “only a crazy person” does this. But it’s a deep calling to not give up and keep going. Every time I was ready to give up, it’s almost like God or the Universe steps in and I’m shoved forward and out of any doubt. I feel like those are the clues that you’re on the right track. It’s an endurance race – it’s not a sprint. If you keep going and you have good people around you it’s easier to keep it going. I’ve been fortunate to have clues that I’m on the right track – and I listen to those clues. One of the biggest things I’ve learned with time and wisdom is that it’s okay to say “No,” and it’s really okay to just know that something doesn’t feel right for you and not have to justify why it doesn’t feel right for me. Every time that I didn’t listen to my intuition it always ended badly. So that “small voice inside” is really no small thing. Don’t get afraid – even if it seems you’re walking away from something, don’t worry – because not everything is a good fit. It’s a lot of hard work, it’s a lot of hotels and cheap subway sandwiches on the road. I just keep going, and try not to think about it too much. I feel grateful to do what I do – I love to sing and perform – I love to write – and I feel very, very lucky that I get to do that everyday.

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