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S&E Nashville is listening to Chris Young’s “I’m Comin’ Over”

Chris Young has come a long way from his Nashville Star win back in 2006. And on Friday, November 13, 2015, he is set to release his fifth studio album titled “I’m Comin’ Over.” The title track is a song that Young says bridges the gap between the songs and styles he chose on his last album and the choices he made for this record. Even a few R&B elements slip in here and there making it a little more diverse.

Chris Young_Im Comin Over Album ArtThe most refreshing part of the album is the fact that Young’s voice actually remains soulful and country. It’s an easy listen. And as an added bonus, one never has to worry about whether or not Chris Young is going to sing on key and on pitch. He makes it sound easy. And each song gives you a different emotion, feeling, or something to react to. In many cases it makes you want to drop what you’re doing, run out, jump in your car and go driving as far as you can go…or at least until Young stops singing.

Perhaps it’s so refreshing because Young co-produced this time. And having the artist in the producer’s chair taking part in every key decision on a record can make a real difference – good or bad. But in this case it was most definitely, GOOD.

“Making this record, it just feels different,” Young said. “Nothing changed for the sake of change. It changed because it was the right way to go. This is the first time I’ve co-produced. Half the songs on the record were written by me, Corey (Crowder) and Josh (Hoge). That became the nucleus of this record, and that was really different for me.”

Chris Young is very consistent. Throughout this record he manages to rock it out (country style), break it down, croon a little and even growl a little – or nearly. Still he manages to keep his country edge to each piece. And you might even catch your breath a little bit when he sings with Cassadee Pope on “Think of You.”

Chris Young's new album "I'm Coming Over" comes out Friday, November 15. PHOTO COURTESY DAVID McCLISTER

Chris Young’s new album “I’m Coming Over” comes out Friday, November 15. PHOTO COURTESY DAVID McCLISTER

It’s as yummy as the Aldean/Clarkson duet, “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” and it’s just another of several songs on the album you’ll find yourself repeating over and over. To boot, Pope’s high end vocal is highly complimentary to Young’s sultry, country sound. A sound you can hear more of in 2016 when Pope accompanies Young on his tour as his opening act.

Continuing, there are a couple of songs on the album that have the ghost-like presence of banjo in the background – which really adds to the production even if you don’t catch it the first time. It’s a nice color and adds a unique flavor here and there.

As for the title track, it’s close to a typical Chris Young song – if there is a typical topic. ‘We fight, make up, etc. It’s like a, “Who I am With You” and “Tomorrow” combo! Still, if you love Chris Young, you’re already singing this song every day on your way to work and anxiously awaiting the rest of his album. And you won’t be disappointed.

When you get to the song “You Do The Talkin,” you’re going to see what I mean by wanting to drop everything and run out, get in your car and start driving! Because it is definitely a driving song. Very upbeat, feel-good production with a lyrical message similar to the “Dixie-Land Delight” song from back in the Alabama days, complete with a strong but easy to sing-along lyric. And thankfully, no bro-country add-ons about tank-tops, bare feet on the dash, or pickups, etc. It’s a simple song about a guy asking his radio to “do the talkin” while he does the driving, the kissing, etc. Very nice! It makes me wanna grab my man and take a drive in the country and find a nice quiet spot 😉

And though I was not planning to review every single song per se, I couldn’t leave this next song out. Because between “You Do The Talking” and “I Know A Guy,” I couldn’t decide on a favorite. Both will move you in different ways.

With “I Know A Guy” being the next best thing to a power-ballad, the production doesn’t compete at all with Young’s incredible vocal. And to boot, once again – as has been consistent through this album – the lyrics are direct and conversational, if not memorable.



This is the kind of song that I’m sure writers sit in a room and dream about writing. Because on top of everything else that’s great about this song, the melody is original and not one you feel you’ve heard repeatedly in the past. It really moves well and carries you along like a leaf down a river until you feel like you’re ready to land on the edge just to wait for the river to catch you up and carry you along again a little further. I.e., you just never want this one to end.

“Sober Saturday Night” opens with a very simple and direct lyric but the message is a very pleasing and refreshing one about losing a love. Lyrics like “I’m not hung over it’s true. But I’m still not over you. All messed up, all strung out, I was sitting at home breaking down.” It’s very nice to hear a completely different take on this situation.

Many times we hear the standard and very opposite approach. And though those songs too have their place, even making us feel a little empowered, this one might have a more memorable approach. After all, even if we don’t mean to hurt people, we all like to believe that when it happens, that the former object of our affection would take a little time to get over us. If they didn’t, then did they love us at all to begin with? It’s all about our egos – and this song reminds us that now and then someone does care enough to pine a little.

No doubt you’ll have your own favorite tracks once you hear the album but for a certainty you will not be disappointed. Chris Young’s “I’m Comin’ Over” album will stand strong in today’s market and Young’s vocal is especially inspiring. That’s why Sports & Entertainment Nashville is listening to Chris Young.

Pick up Chris Young’s latest album starting Friday, November 13, 2015!

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