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Inside the Bobby Bones interview

We at Sports & Entertainment Nashville are lucky to have the opportunities we do which allow us to meet and speak with some incredibly interesting people. In an effort to take you, the readers, into where we have the privilege of going – we are looking inside the interview and what we as writers took away from the interview.

We have all heard stories of stars being one way when the camera or tape recorder is on and totally different when the red light goes off. Bobby Bones is not one of those guys. What Bobby is on his hugely popular radio show, is exactly what he was when we did the interview and exactly what he was when we talked off the record.

The Bobby Bones Show broadcasts on nearly 70 affiliates to nearly three million weekly listeners. Bones also hosts two weekend programs - Country Top 30 with Bobby Bones, on more than 100 affiliates, and FOX Sports Radio’s Bobby Bones, on nearly 250 affiliates. PHOTO COURTESY OF PREMIERE NETWORKS

Humbled by his success Bobby Bones remains the same person both on and off air, a fact that endears him to his listeners even more. PHOTO COURTESY OF PREMIERE NETWORKS

When I sat down with Bobby, he had only been on the scene in Nashville for about a year and a half, but I had a unique perspective and had been following his career since the early 2000s. While I was in college at The University of Tennessee at Martin I had a professor by the name of Richard Robinson, who had recently joined the faculty from Henderson State in Arkansas. In classes he would occasionally reference a former student of his – Bobby Bones.

As a result, many of us as students began following his career and streaming his early shows in Austin, Texas. Knowing the hardships that Bobby faced just to make it to college and into the industry make is story impressive enough, but to see where he has taken his career is truly remarkable, and in my opinion a great example for anyone looking to get their foot into a door of any kind. He is a great example of how hard work and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed can pay off.

While Bobby does love to have fun with his work – and it occasionally gets him in a bit of trouble – there is an inner drive and genuine level of honesty within him that is evident as soon as he begins talking. What really stood out to me during our conversation were two things, just how humble he remains and how much it wants to give back. He was genuinely shocked in the beginning how he has been able to help others with his platform, but has truly embraced it at the same time.

A great example of that is what he is doing on his show this week and tomorrow night for Halloween. On Halloween night Bobby’s band ‘The Raging Idiots’ will perform a sold out show with some of the biggest acts in country music, with all the proceeds of the show going to the FTL Sarcoma Fund.

Earlier this week, Bobby Bones show co-host Amy lost her mother to cancer. During her fight though, Bobby and everyone on the show have raised tons of money for cancer research and started an effort called #PimpinJoy where people did something nice for someone else with no expectations in return – all in the name of spreading joy like Amy’s mom wanted. The effort took off and the show’s millions of listeners began doing good acts, some very small while some very large, all in the name of spreading joy to those around them.

This week in honor of Amy’s mother, Bobby challenged his listeners to make a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, in hopes of raising $20,000. At the time of this posting the effort has raised over $99,000 with a new goal of donating at least $100,000. If you would like to join the effort of pimping joy and donate, you can do so here.

Overall, I could not have been more impressed with Bobby Bones. As you read in the story, he has already accomplished a great deal in his career at a young age – but with the drive he continues to have and how he connects with an audience, I will not be surprised at all when he in fact does become the “next big thing” and continues to grow his show and expand his reach into other platforms like television.

I’m just glad I will have had the privilege of watching it from the beginning.