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Interview: Josh Taerk takes on the music world with honesty & insight


Josh Taerk has rock n’ roll in his blood. Citing artists like Bruce Springsteen and John Oates as influences, his love of the genre runs deep in his veins, which is reflected in his thoughtful songwriting process.  Believe it or not, the young star is actually a mentee of Oates, sharing with us the amazing story of how the two connected and what he’s learned from the legendary rocker.

Calling his greatest influences “storytellers,” Taerk is honing is own craft as a storyteller as his career continues to grow, particularly on his latest single, “Anywhere Love Took Us.” He also opens up about how performing live has allowed him to discover just what elements of his music fans are responding to.

His diversity as a songwriter is reflected in his most recent project, “Here’s to Change,” which features 10 songs that all represent various types of change we experience in life. And it’s clear that Taerk applies his motto as a songwriter to who he is in everyday life: “I always try to stay true to myself.”

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