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Jason Aldean at (CRS) Country Radio Seminar

Jason Aldean (photo ctsy jasonaldean.com)

He has had twenty No.1 country hits and his first, second, third, fifth, and sixth albums are all certified platinum by RIAA and his fourth album, My Kinda Party, is certified triple-platinum.  He is one of Country Music’s biggest selling artists of today and at CRS this year he talked about many of his struggles and great moments that he has experienced throughout his career. We’re speaking of course, about Broken Bow recording artist Jason Aldean.

At the 2019 Country Radio Seminar, Jason Aldean was the featured speaker in a seminar “Overcoming Obstacles.”  He talked about how he almost gave up before signing to Broken Bow Records.  “I moved to Nashville at 21, and by 25 I was a dad,” he said. “It’s expensive … from ’98 to ’04, I was signed to Capitol records and nothing happened, which was probably the best thing that could have happened at that point. I felt like I had done everything to get things going, and we just really weren’t getting a lot of action. Having a kid at home, that was priority number one and I was planning my exit to regroup.”

Jason Aldean has had 22 No. 1s. “Rearview Town” is his latest single. Get it today! (photo jasonaldean.com)

After some encouragement to do one more showcase for Broken Bow Records, Aldean reluctantly agreed. Fortunately for him, they were very interested and signed him to a record deal. Aldean continued, “I just remember saying, ‘This should be pretty easy. You guys get the songs played at radio, I’m going to go tour and work my butt off, and that’s pretty much how we’re going to make this happen.’  I thought it was that easy. Somehow it worked out. I think ‘Hicktown’ was on the chart for 40 weeks before it peaked, and I played 250 shows to win people over one person at a time grassroots-style at the clubs. But I give Broken Bow credit for pushing the songs to radio.”

Those days were full of obstacles – but Aldean rose to the occasion at every turn. Today, he’s still topping the charts, and has released a new single “Rearview Town,” that follows his 22nd No.1, “Girl Like You.” You can hear his new single – and many other Aldean tunes on Spotify.

Aldean was also asked about the Las Vegas Shooting  “It was confusion, more than anything,” Jason explained,  “panic set in because I didn’t know where my wife was, who was eight months pregnant with our son at the time. I was scared, nervous, and things were so chaotic, If there’s one word that summed it up, it was chaos, for sure.”

Aldean flew back to Vegas to visit the shooting victims in the hospital, which he says was the hardest thing he’d ever done. “It was gut-wrenching. We were the lucky ones to get out of there without a scratch, so I felt a responsibility to have some face time with them.” But after meeting with the victims, some of whom he still sees, he said, “I left with a whole new feeling about the whole thing and I was so glad I went. It was one of those eye-opening, life-changing days that I’ll never forget.”

Here at Sports and Entertainment Nashville, our hearts go out to the victims of the Las Vegas Shooting, and we still keep them and their families in our prayers.


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