John Schneider Still Shines at CRS 2020 and Beyond

At a time in our society and around the globe many are filled with fear, it is a good time to reflect on the good things we’ve seen, done and accomplished this year and in years past.

At Country Radio Seminar 2020 (CRS) earlier this year, we had the privilege of talking with up-and-coming artists as well as the opportunity to visit with veteran celebrities, who are as phenomenal now as they have ever been.

Enter, John Schneider.

Formerly known as Bo Duke on “The Dukes of Hazzard,” and now known for his role on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and Have Nots,” Schneider never disappoints. His fame has not watered down his kind, approachable demeanor.

John Schneider broke into serious fame with his role as the handsome and charming Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard.

Only two short years ago, Schneider had recorded the 52-song Odyssey project, reclaiming a presence in the Country Music world. In years past, Schneider had four No. 1 songs – and his rendering of “It’s Now or Never” spent 19 weeks in Billboard’s Top 100. That was in the early 1980s, but John Schneider has not strayed far from his country roots.

Recorded in August 2018, John Schneider’s Odyssee project contains 5 CDs and 52 songs.

The 2017 Odyssey project, that Schneider now says “seems like a long time ago,” featured such great songs as “Fish,” “Churches and Bars,” “Crazy Women,” “I Hate Cancer” and “Too Close for Comfort.” (All still available on Spotify) It also housed two very unique Christmas songs that struck a real chord with Schneider (pun intended). As he was releasing a new song to social media every Tuesday at that time, when it got nearer to the Christmas Season, Schneider realized he wanted to have an entire album of Christmas songs, not just one or two. Thus, Schneider’s Christmas Album, “Merry Christmas Baby,” was recorded and released for the 2018 season. He already had two great songs from the Odyssey project already recorded; “Who Da Baby Daddy” and “A Soldier’s King.” He also remembered two songs he’d recorded on his first Christmas Album in 1981, songs that no one else had yet recorded; “Katy’s Christmas” and “It’s Christmas.” They only needed six more songs – a situation that Schneider quickly went to work to remedy. In doing so, the song “What a Wonderful World” was added, which though quite unexpected, comes off as soulful and soul-filling as the one so beautifully rendered in years past by Louie Armstrong.

Schneider is famous for pushing himself and this album is no exception. To carry the point, the vocals for “What a Wonderful World,” were recorded the morning after Schneider’s last night on Dancing With the Stars. No sooner did the curtain fall on DWTS, and Schneider was on his way to the recording studio to start recording the Christmas album. Whew!

Schneider appeared on Dancing With The Stars / DWTS (Photo ABC/Craig Sjodin)

But if you are thinking that is a lot of music over a few years, we’re not finished yet.

Schneider has also recorded and released a Gospel Album titled “Recycling Grace.”  

John recently recorded his first Gospel album, saying in years past Johnny Cash had told him, “You’ll know when it’s time,” and says now, “It was time.”

How did THAT turn of events come about? Schneider explains.

“Alicia (Schneider’s wife and business partner) and I were at famed guitarist – Reggie Young’s funeral and I heard the song Amazing Grace set to the tune of House of the Rising Sun. I’ve always loved that and my favorite version of it is by the Blind Boys of Alabama. Ironically, one of the lead singers of that group was at the funeral.   I also ran into BJ Thomas at the funeral, and he asked me when I was going to do a Gospel album. In years past, when discussing a Christian or Gospel album, I was advised by Johnny Cash that I should do one when the time was right. When I asked him when that would be, he just said “you’ll know.” So Johnny said ‘you’ll know,’ and I did. It was time to do a Gospel album.“

The album hosts songs that are near and dear to Schneider’s heart, including his own version of “House of Grace,” the conjoined “Amazing Grace and “House of the Rising Sun.” Also included are unexpected treats like “That’s My Job,” formerly recorded by Conway Twitty. And while not specifically religious in tone, the song carries a deep and positive message of a father’s relationship with his children.

Schneider says the timing just all worked out – and that it was easy because “all these great songs just kind of fell out of the sky.”


Since the Christmas and Gospel records – Schneider recorded the song “These Hands” with Cody McCarver. Written by McCarver, the song has been nominated for this year’s Inspirational Duo of the Year and Video of the Year.


But we can’t complete an article on John Schneider without talking about his upcoming, third annual celebration of “Bo’s Extravaganza, held on his property in Louisiana.

Bo’s Extravaganza – This year Bo’s Extravaganza will feature the Bellamy Brothers and many other great acts and events that will not only surprise and tantalize – they will bring a smile to your face.

Though the event has had to be POSTPONED now until JULY 18 and 19th, the show will go on. You can get tickets now on JohnSchneiderStudios.com

Bo’s Extravaganza, normally held in April, has been postponed until July 18 & 19, God willing!

So if you want to be witness to some spectacular events, make your plans now for post Corona-blues, and get a jump on making your plans.

And speaking of “Jumps,” Bo’s Extravaganza will once again feature some serious car-jumps. Schneider will personally be jumping over a General Lee and another driver will jump a car over the TickFaw River. You don’t want to miss it.

The event will honor the “Smokey and the Bandit” movies – as Schneider also films a movie while the event is in process. So if you show up, you could be seeing yourself in the movie once complete.

Additionally, there will be bonfires, Clydesdale rides, helicopter rides, a great carnival, great food, entertainment and more. So take yourself out to Bo’s Extravaganza this year and find out what all the grand fuss is about!

For more information visit:

JohnSchneiderStudios.com where tickets – including VIP tickets – are still available!

For all future music performances and movie releases check John’s website and follow him on social media.

PS – Watch Schneider’s Facebook closely – because in a couple weeks a new song will be arriving!