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Josh Grider is “Good People”

Photo by Cameron Powell

Josh Grider, though perhaps not a familiar name, is no newcomer to the music industry. Originally from New Mexico – but now a Texan who commutes every month to Nashville – Grider has been touring, making records and building a following for quite a few years now.

He is indeed a true music-maker and his new album, “Good People,” tells the story of his life and his journey to date. Grider’s vocal throughout this album has such an incredible presence it’s hard to believe that he has not been snagged up by a major label.

“Good People” has a great deal of warmth, character and an almost astounding presence.  Grider says the reason for that might be that this album, unlike his previous seven albums, was recorded over the course of nearly a year and he was able to take his time. “The past few projects were associated with labels or those with outside interests, so everything was on a deadline and the record is done in what seems like a week. But this time, after we cut the tracks, I cut all the vocals at my house and so I was able to live with the vocals on each song – then go back and redo anything I wanted,” he explains. “I was also more involved in the mix process for this album than I’ve been in the past. I just had to peak around every corner to make sure everything was just right.”

Grider chronicles his life journey on “Good People.” Photo by Cameron Powell

Bootstrap Records, Grider’s own label, is relevant to how he pulls himself up by the bootstraps and will continue to do so. What lead this incredible talent onto the country music scene? Grider relates that his dad was always a hard-core country music fan, and that his mom had a nylon string guitar around the house. In high school, Grider taught himself to play guitar and wrote his first couple songs– then went to on to college and started a band. After college, he moved to Austin and started getting into the Texas music scene. Grider’s first band did not stay together and he tells that story in “My First Band.”

Once in Texas, Grider recorded and even spent a few years exploring Americana music but couldn’t escape his country roots.  So he made the move to Nashville and immediately started writing and singing demos, eventually landing a publishing deal.

Today, Grider has moved back to Texas with his family but continues working in Nashville. He is still writing for a publishing company, but he won’t be stopping there, as there are many things he still hopes to achieve. “I’d love to play the Opry. Playing at the Ryman would be incredible,” says Grider. “It would just be a great honor to have a major artist cut one of my songs. When someone like Blake Shelton or Tim McGraw cuts one of your songs, it’s another level of validation.”

As far as finding time to write songs and his process for it, Grider admits his time is pretty lean. But he has trained himself to make note of anything that “grabs him” and notes that today’s technology is extremely helpful in that department. “You can be riding down the road and hit record – it’s just crazy.  I am old enough to remember when we didn’t’ have all this [technology] and I was mailing out press kits. Now when someone wants to hear a song, you just load it up to email and hit send.”

Want to get to know Josh Grider better? “Good People” is the best place to start.

“Good People” is available now. Photo by Cameron Powell

“If you’ve got 40 minutes and can listen to the record start to finish – it covers my life better than anything I’ve ever put out,” says Grider. “Every single minute of that record is the truth for me. From ‘Top of the Bottle’ – because I might go to a party and have a couple – to the hymn at the end, because I’m a believer in something far greater than me that I don’t [always] understand.  But I do believe there are good people in this world.  I do believe if you persevere through bad times it’s gonna get better, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in that moment, we forget that.”

“I do believe we can get over heartache,” he continues. “I believe my first love and my first band were just exactly the same; well-intentioned, but not for the long term. I do believe that I am a lucky, LUCKY [guy] because of the woman I got to marry – because she IS my reason – she has done so much.  All I can say is ‘it’s there – in that 40 minutes – and I can’t say that about any of my other records.'”

This explains why there is such a presence about this record. So much so that one would never guess that this guy is still unsigned. Because in the music industry it takes a true presence to get to the top, and Josh Grider has it.

“Good People” is available for purchase now.