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Julia Capogrossi explores relationship woes in new single “Morgan”

Photo courtesy of Brickshore Media

It’s nearly hard to believe that Julia Capogrossi has only reached age 21, as she already has several songs on the career resume. The Connecticut-raised singer has made listeners perk up with tunes like “What I’m Thinkin’” and “Busch Light Budget,” the latter accompanied by a fun-loving video. With her latest single, “Morgan,” Capogrossi has shifted gears slightly, tearing into the emotional wounds that a broken relationship often leaves.

Capogrossi sat down with “Sports & Entertainment Nashville” at Country Radio Seminar to talk about the single, touring plans, and other timely topics. She begins by noting that “Morgan” was, as certain movies often state, inspired by true-life events. “I wrote that after a relationship went bad,” Capogrossi explains, managing a brief smile. “My heart was in it but the other person just treated it like a game. He just played around. That’s not fun when your heart’s on the line.”

For the record, “Morgan” is not the young man’s real name. She changed the title name by design. “I’m not calling anyone out and I didn’t want to sound petty,” Capogrossi says. “I didn’t even want to sing it out anywhere for a long time. But I showed it to some of my close friends and they said that I definitely needed to perform this.”

Her “Morgan” live debut came in front of an international audience at the San Pedro Country Music Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this past fall. The audience reaction sent a clear single that “Morgan” could resonate anywhere. “I just got the best response,” Capogrossi recalls. “They were able to relate to it. They got the heartfelt message and the emotion of the song.” A full-length video of the song has also been released.

Cover art for Capogrossi’s new single, “Morgan.” Photo courtesy of Brickshore Media

With “Morgan,” Capogrossi taps into her more serious side with a powerful, soul-baring performance. It’s a change of pace from some of her previous singles, including her most recent, “Busch Light Budget,” but that’s the overall aim.

“I think ‘Busch Light Budget’ was a bit more poppy and very much a summer song,” she says. “But [“Morgan”] is bringing the soul and it’s really raw and honest. I’m excited to have both of those under my belt. Diversity is definitely what I’m shooting for,” Capogrossi adds. “You want people to relate to you as a person and see all sides of you.”

Capogrossi will be showing her charitable side this year as the official spokesperson for Global Children’s Rescue, which helps raise awareness of human trafficking. Her involvement will include shows and personal appearances for the organization. “They try and bust human traffickers,” she says. “Every year, thousands of kids go missing and no one talks about it. And it happens right under our noses. It’s really important that we start raising awareness about this.”

Like many of her contemporaries, Capogrossi believes that artists should contribute to causes they feel strongly about. “I do feel that I have a platform and that I can help,” she notes. “They approached me about doing this and I was on board. There is nothing that I lose from this. It is an awesome cause.”

Capogrossi will also start to fill in her regular tour dates as summer approaches. “Right now,” she says, “we’re focused on the radio tour. We’ll be visiting stations all over the country. We’re going all the way to New York, which is where I was born, and the East. So I will get to spend time with my family. I’m very excited about that.”