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Justin Moore doesn’t slow down with “Kinda Don’t Care”

After three chart-topping albums, multi-platinum country artist Justin Moore is showing no signs of slowing down with the release of his fourth studio album, “Kinda Don’t Care.” In fact, as the album’s opening track might suggest, he’s moving as fast as a locomotive.

In his latest project, Moore tells stories of heartache, finding new love and living a free spirited, independent life. It’s laid back, but with just the right amount of attitude mixed in.

The cover art for Moore's latest album, "Kinda Don't Care." PHOTO COURTESY JUSTIN MOORE

The cover art for Moore’s latest album, “Kinda Don’t Care.” PHOTO COURTESY JUSTIN MOORE

“It’s hard to believe that we just recorded our fourth album. The process has changed, drastically, since our first time in the studio so many years ago,” Moore said in a press release about the album. “This is the best piece of music we’ve delivered because it gets more fun each time. Naming the album ‘Kinda Don’t Care’ is not meant to be nonchalant or careless. It’s meant to be a challenge to folks to live life a little more freely and be true to themselves.”

Moore’s latest album kicks things off without hesitation with the fast-paced country tune “Robbin’ Trains.” While Moore’s twang and southern drawl are immediately recognizable, his overall sound has matured since his last album, “Off the Beaten Path,” which was released in 2013.

After slowing down the album with the softer-sounding second track “Put Me In A Box,” Moore inspires listeners to kick their cowboy boots off with the catchy title track, “Kinda Don’t Care.” The song’s lyrics and sound give off a free spirit vibe and attitude – the kind of attitude you have when you just feel like clocking out early from work on Friday and hitting the open road.

Moore turns up the electric guitar for “You Look Like I Need A Drink,” which was a top 20 single on country radio. Moore tells the story of heartache and preparing for an inevitable breakup when he sings out, “I could tell by the way you sounded when you called that I wasn’t gonna like what you had to say.”

The country artist moves on – both figuratively and literally – in the following track, “Somebody Else Will.” The sultry, smooth and jazzy-style song is a completely different sound compared to the rest of the album. A groovy, slow bass line opens up the track before the chorus hits, which is filled with upbeat drums and guitar with a climbing chord progression. The album begins to come to a close with the gritty, country rocker “More Middle Fingers,” which features fellow country star Brantley Gilbert, who Moore is currently serving as a supporting act on his “Take it Outside” tour. The song creates a natural unity between Gilbert’s rugged sound and Moore’s southern twang, with the latter hitting some pretty impressive notes.

“Kinda Don’t Care” is a perfect album for the feeling you get when summer comes to an end and you feel like letting loose one last time. There’s no telling where Moore’s music takes him after “Kinda Don’t Care,” but despite the album’s title, it’s clear the artist isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

“Kinda Don’t Care” is available now. Moore will sit down with SiriusXM The Highway’s Storme Warren on Thursday, Aug. 18 to talk about the album.  For more information visit Moore’s official site.