Kaylee Rutland inspires at CRS 2019

Kaylee Rutland (Photo courtesy KR Instagram)

Kaylee Rutland found her way into music when she was just 8 years old. Though very shy at the time, when asked who wanted to sing the solo in the church musical, she raised her hand – then instantly regretted it because she was terrified. But the minute she got on stage and started singing – her nerves disappeared. That was 15 years ago and today, Kaylee says she still feels the same way when she gets on stage. No matter how nervous she starts out, once she starts singing her nerves dissipate and the music takes over, which she describes as “still the best feeling in the world.”

When asked if there was actually an “aha” moment where she realized music and singing would be her life path, she says it was actually that day she was 8 years old. She relates, “From that day I loved it so much – as I kept growing up – that’s always what I drifted to, be it the high school choir or church worship team. When I was 16 my parents asked what my career plan was. I had thought it was obvious and they weren’t surprised, but it was music…it was always music.” Kaylee had been writing her own music and performing whenever she could through high school. Thereafter, she moved to Nashville to attend Belmont College where she majored in Music Business.

Kaylee Rutland (Photo courtesy KR Instagram)

Despite her love for writing and performing Kaylee shared that she’s very glad to have achieved her degree in Music Business, because it has given her the opportunity to learn more about the industry and how it works, and she has already been able to apply her knowledge to her career. Her parents love it too.

Kaylee is also happy to see technology soaring as it has – saying that social media offers a great means to do a lot of independent marketing, and as an individual artist, the ability to connect with people who are listening to her music.

Though Kaylee’s music is likely to be labeled as “Contemporary Country” –one thing she likes to have in all of her music is a traditional country music element. She enthusiastically chides, “As much as I like contemporary country I love the traditional elements, like inserting a banjo or steel guitar line – or a really cool fiddle – or even if it’s just the style of storytelling behind the song, I like some part of my music to have a traditional element…I love blending the two styles. If you’re listening to Kaylee Rutland music, you’ve already experienced this fantastic blend.

From Kaylee’s Instagram: This is what songwriting looks like for me – lots of writing and rewriting chords and lyrics until something clicks – and then rewriting again. It’s a long creative process, and one that I absolutely love! (Photo courtesy KR Instagram)

Another thing you might notice in her music is that she is working to create music that is “encouraging”– especially for young women. Kaylee says, “Even if it’s a sad song or a breakup song I want the listeners to know they’re not alone – I want my songs to be truly relatable for them. That’s a core part of who I am, especially in the songwriting process and the live-show experience – is just being able to relate to people who are there to listen to it.” Her single titled “Do You,” which is just a listen away on Spotify, is a perfect example of how Kaylee uses her music to inspire and encourage.

Kaylee is currently in the studio working on her new EP so we can expect brand new music in the late spring. From there, she’ll be traveling and “performing a ton” to bring her music to the people.

For more on Kaylee, visit her website or follow her on social media! @kayleerutland