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Kelsey Lamb set for single and debut EP release

Kelsey Lamb will freely confess that her knowledge of the music business was a bit sketchy when she made the move to Nashville a couple of years ago. Lamb left her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, to make her mark in Music City, a bold move considering she had no contacts there nor any real insight into how the whole crazy business went down. But like most new arrivals in the same boat, she figured it out in a hurry.

“It took a few months to catch on,” Lamb says with a smile. “I didn’t know how anything worked in Nashville. I had no idea about the writing, for one thing. They really want you to write as well as sing and they want you to write with other people. I was like, ‘You’re gonna put me in a room with people I don’t know?’ But I have gotten good at getting it all out. Once I started writing, I was thinking, you know, this is cool because I’m telling my story. I didn’t know I could be so honest and open.”

Lamb enjoyed her first taste of writing success last summer with her single “Little by Little,” which she co-wrote. The song garnered around 150,000 streams on Spotify while the accompanying video appeared on regional and national outlets. On April 19th, Lamb is set to release her brand-new single “Girl at the Bar,” a song she wrote with Taylor Goyette and Jean Nolan. In a release about the single, Lamb describes it as her most vulnerable effort to date, a heartfelt confessional about dealing with relationships gone south.

“I get so frustrated with the way I handle heartbreak,” Lamb explains. “I don’t wear pain on my sleeve. I am the person that puts on a happy and powers through like nothing ever happened.” Lamb tells Sports and Entertainment Nashville that she hopes “Girl at the Bar” will touch listeners in the same way that “Little by Little” did. “I’m so grateful for that song,” Lamb smiles. “I didn’t know it was going to do what it did but people really reacted to it. That was more of a fun song and easy to listen to. We’re gonna go a more serious route this time around.” With a slight laugh, she adds, “You know, I’m not always happy. This song will show another side of me.”

Beyond the excitement of the new single, Lamb is also pumped to be releasing her first-ever EP, May 31st. The self-titled EP will feature “Girl at the Bar” and “Little by Little,” along with four other tunes. Lamb wrote all but one of the songs, further cementing her commitment to writing. “The EP is kind of a cohesive storyline of who I am.” she says. “It’s telling the stories of my journey as it has happened so far.”

Lamb will be sharing those stories from her EP as she heads out for a series of concert dates this spring and summer. (Photo courtesy of Aristomedia)

Lamb will be sharing those stories from her EP as she heads out for a series of concert dates this spring and summer. You can also catch her on occasion at the various clubs around Nashville, usually performing at writers’ nights.”I am playing out of town quite a bit,” Lamb says. “And that’s great, because I love to travel. I play the Wildhorse Saloon a lot when I’m in town. It’s a great gig. People actually listen to you,” she adds, smiling.

Now, the singer who was once unaware of how it’s done in Nashville is definitely getting it done with her new music. “I am so excited about this EP,” she says. “My biggest hope is that my listeners can relate to these songs and find their own story within my lyrics.”

Kelsey Lamb’s new single “Girl at the Bar” is set for release April 19th. Her self-titled debut EP hits retail and digital outlets May 31st. For more on Kelsey, please visit her website and follow her on social media.

Girl At The Bar is a heartfelt confession about dealing with relationships that have gone south. (Photo courtesy of Aristomedia)