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Local Grub With Greatness: Happy anniversary to Goody’s Café!

Photo courtesy of Goody's Cafe

At a little café just outside of Nashville, many people are frequently finding their way to some down-home, delectable dishes. In the little town of Joelton, TN is Goody’s café offering home cooking. And it’s not just the cooking that makes this place special – it’s also the people.

Owner Milly Combs has been in the food service industry for 25 years, doing everything from washing dishes to serving and of course, cooking and managing. Her inspiration for opening the restaurant was simple – she wanted to inspire others and afford them an opportunity to create or find some of the same great memories she had relished from her childhood. Milly explains, “Opening Goody’s was like bringing back to life the little restaurant my grandparents had when I was a little girl in my home town of Dayton, Ohio. I have the fondest memories of them and of that little restaurant. I can remember as a little girl sitting on the ice cream cooler playing with grandpa’s adding machine like I was all grown up and doing the books – like I do now for Goody’s. And I’d watch grandma cooking in the kitchen while I dunked my cookies in great grandma’s coffee. I also remember grandpa putting on his driving cap and taking me to the bank with him; he always got me a extra sucker – the little things we remember!”

Goody’s Cafe in Joelton offers a variety of home cooked dishes. Photo courtesy of Goody’s Cafe

Milly continues, “I want to bring good old fashion food back to the community without it being too expensive. That way people on fixed incomes can enjoy a meal whether they come in and join us or take it to go. Our goal is for everyone to feel welcomed and that they leave happy with the experience they have.”

Goody’s café is a place you can find a good percentage of the local residents stopping in to feast on some of Milly’s incredible breakfast dishes and her famous meatloaf or chili, it’s just good eats! But her patrons don’t show up just for the great food. Milly and her staff are also kind and welcoming – so you’re likely to make new friends just by walking in the door. They say a good and positive work environment isn’t built up, but that it trickles down from management, so it’s no surprise that Milly, her servers and even her grill cooks and dishwashers show such kind enthusiasm when a customer walks through the door. And according to Milly the kindness is returned. “I’m glad I picked Joelton to open Goody’s, I’ve made new friends and I enjoy them all. I have been welcomed to the community with open arms. My neighbors are great and I wouldn’t trade my customers for anything in the world. It’s like they have become part of my family.”

My personal favorite dish of Milly’s is what we have appropriately named “the songwriter’s biscuit,” because not only is it delicious and satisfying to the palate, it is also satisfying to the wallet. Milly’s perfect songwriter’s biscuit consists of a fluffy biscuit with fresh bacon, egg and tomato. The egg on the biscuit is so perfect, you may have to have a second or third; and she is also happy to customize your biscuit – songwriter or not. Lovingly, Milly reports, “I support the music and arts industry. The musicians need a nice home-like atmosphere to eat at so they can feel like they just left grandma’s house. I think it helps the creativity in them.”

The songwriter’s biscuit is one of Goody Cafe’s signature items. Photo courtesy of Goody’s Cafe

She further adds, “I want everyone to…feel like they just sat down at grandma’s table and had a feast and a nice homemade dessert. Friendly faces to take care of you and a full belly. Real comfort food.”

So if you’re in the mood for some real comfort food, head out to Goody’s Café in Joelton at the end of the little plaza that sits across the street from Foodland. “I would like to thank the residents of Joelton and the surrounding communities that have made my little business feel so welcomed. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it to my two-year anniversary,” Milly adds. “I hope to be here for many more years…to serve you to the best of my ability.”

Goody’s Café is located at 5528 Clarksville Pike, Joelton TN. For more info on the cafe, visit the website or call 615-876-2500.

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