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Lucy Hale: The music shaped her

With musical influences like Shania Twain, Britney Spears, The Dixie Chicks and Faith Hill, music shaped Lucy Hale at an early age. We’ve been listening to a lot of Hale around the Sports & Entertainment Nashville offices and you can really see those early influences in her latest album.

Lucy Hale is an actress and model now making a name for herself as a country performer. PHOTO COURTESY LUCY HALE

Lucy Hale is an actress and model now making a name for herself as a country performer. PHOTO COURTESY LUCY HALE

At 13-years-old, she appeared on the reality TV show “American Juniors” as part of a vocal quintet, where they finished in the top five.

She signed a record deal with Hollywood Records in 2012 and eventually released her debut single “You Sound Good to Me” in January 2014. Her debut studio album “The Road Between” was released later that year in the summer.

For those of you who are not familiar with Hale, it may be because she is better known for her role as an actress on the TV series “Pretty Little Liars,” where she plays Aria Montgomery – a role in which she won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Actress in 2014.

But her love for country music is her first choice, and she’s making a lot of headway since she released “The Road Between.” This album is full of young, interesting songs that are sure to catch your ear.

Hale is a Tennessee native who was born and raised in Memphis, whose rich musical history was instilled in her from childhood. She was home schooled, which gave her time to take acting and singing lessons from an early age.

Lucy Hale released her first album at the young age of 19. PHOTO COURTESY LUCY HALE

Lucy Hale’s debut album reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot Country charts. PHOTO COURTESY LUCY HALE

At 15, she and her parents moved to Los Angeles in hopes of her landing a record deal, but she landed a minor role on the television show “Drake & Josh” first. That eventually led to other roles launching her as an actress. Her role as an actress led her to Hollywood Records, the record company that first launched her music.

“The Road Between” reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot Country Charts and has sold over 44,000 copies – decent success for a newcomer to the country music world.

Two singles have been released so far – “You Sound Good to Me” and “Lie a Little Better,” with “You Sound Good to Me” reaching No. 21 in the Billboard charts. This is only the beginning for Lucy Hale. She has a lot more to say in her music and will probably reach great heights over time.

Whether Hale is on stage singing or acting in one of your favorite television shows, this young lady definitely has a lot of great talents. If you would like to learn a little more about Lucy Hale’s music, you can buy her album here or find her on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.