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Lukas Lamb – Uniqueness found overnight?

Photo by Brian Jones

If you’ve not heard the name Lukas Lamb yet, don’t be surprised when you begin hearing it more and more. A Fayetteville, North Carolina native who actually came to Nashville to pursue work as a photographer, Lamb saw his path change when he started writing music again, mainly for fun, and was offered a publishing deal by a popular music star publisher. The problem, according to Lamb, was that he didn’t feel he had a lot of country songs in him dying to get out. What the experience did tell him was that his songs were better than perhaps he’d originally imagined. From there, Lamb began writing and singing again – but having gained more confidence, he began taking things a little more seriously and pushing himself and his music a little more aggressively. His new album, Vibe With Me, was written and recorded inside of the past nine months.

But when did his journey begin?

Lukas’ parents are both musical people, his mom being a great pianist and his dad a drummer. Neither of his parents were songwriters and, despite their talent, Lamb says he was the only one in his house who couldn’t play piano, but he did pick up a guitar they had around the house and started trying to teach himself. He laughingly recalls that he learned the song “Seven Nation Army” from a kid in a parking lot – and from there, he was hooked. By the end of high school he was writing his own songs and performing at open-mic nights, and his influences range from Nelly to Johnny Cash to Bruno Mars.

Perhaps having such a broad range of musical influences is what has enabled Lamb to form his own music into what it is today – a somewhat rare mix of rap-hip-hop (what Lamb calls “retro-pop-style”) with memorable messages. The thing is, even audiences in Nashville, known for loving our country music, are stepping up and claiming fondness for Lamb’s music – and for his writing and presentation. His style is utterly…well – “unique” keeps coming to mind.

Lukas Lamb’s album, Vibe With Me, is available now. Photo by Brian Jones

Speaking of coming into one’s mind, Lamb says when he was 12 years old he accidentally fell asleep with the song “Hot in Here” by Nelly playing on repeat – and the song played all night. When he awoke he said the song seemed to be running in slow motion in his mind and he wondered if it would affect him in any way. Well, fast-forward these few years and you might say it did – as some have even compared his vocal to Nelly’s. But that overnight experience is not what created the uniqueness Lukas has. His uniqueness didn’t arrive overnight – it comes more from listening to his own heart and imagination.

Lamb has managed to develop a very unusual formula for creating music –in some cases using a refreshing format of repeated lyric and melody content at the front of a song – coupled with his own patterns, formats, style and rhythms. They say everything under the sun has been done, and that may be true. But Lamb has found a way to make that “everything” into a unique compilation of honest works that are catchy and memorable.

Though he was positively impacted by his influences, Lamb says he’s been staying true to his own creations. “I’ve always wanted to make songs that sounded like they already existed and that had an air of familiarity. I just keep going where the song wants to go over having a big plan for it. I let the song play itself out by singing the verse that I have – and then while I’m recording, I just keep singing to see what’s going to happen,” he says. Lamb has landed on some great ideas and songs by using this formula and he is enjoying that path for now. Though later on he may slow down and change things up a bit. Right now his music is honest and transparent – and that’s a good thing. And if Nashville audiences are any indication of how well his songs will be received in the rest of the world, Lamb is in for a long and successful ride!

For more info on Lukas, visit his official website.

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  1. Tim Sellers

    Lukas has only scratched the surface. His talent runs deep.