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Mickey Guyton: One of country music’s newest up-and-coming artists

Mickey Guyton has spent the last three years writing with some of Nashville’s powerhouse writers. PHOTO COURTESY MICKEY GUYTON

S&E Nashville spotlight artist Mickey Guyton has spent the last three years writing with some of Nashville’s powerhouse writers. Now she is the one voicing her music. PHOTO COURTESY MICKEY GUYTON

Inspired by hearing country music superstar LeAnn Rimes, Mickey Guyton decided to pursue a career in country music. A Texas native herself, she brings her own brand of Texas country to the mainstream country music charts. Signed to Capitol Records Nashville in 2011, she has recorded her debut album “Unbreakable,” which was produced by Dann Huff and Nathan Chapman. From that album she has released her debut single, “Better Than You Left Me,” which she co-wrote with Jennifer Hanson and Jenn Schott.

Though it wasn’t the traditional country music route, Guyton decided to move to Los Angeles after high school where she worked two jobs to keep the lights on, while she still holding onto her dreams of becoming a country music singer. She attended Santa Monica College, and by chance she was introduced to producer Julian Raymond, who introduced her to his partners Steve Moir and Gary Borman.

With encouragement from her new music friends, Guyton moved to Nashville to pursue her dream and has become a strong member of the songwriting community. She has spent the last three years writing with some of Nashville’s powerhouse writers and is now starting to scratch the surface as an artist.

Guyton says, "I didn't choose country. Country chose me." PHOTO COURTESY Mickey Guyton

Guyton says, “I didn’t choose country. Country chose me.” PHOTO COURTESY MICKEY GUYTON

If you wonder what Guyton looks for when she writes songs, a simple glance at her bio will shed some light.

“I haven’t done ‘angry.’ I don’t want to be that girl who hates everybody. I’m representing the everyday person in the year 2015 – young people, old people, middle-aged people. I write about heartbreak and I write about my life, and that’s what authenticity is.”

Most songwriters know that the best songs come from when you let God control the pen. Guyton could have decided to pursue a career in pop or R&B, but she has a good reason why she didn’t.

“I didn’t choose country. Country chose me.” Following what is in her heart has proven to be a good and wise choice.

The album “Unbreakable” is just the beginning for Guyton, and the future looks bright. She is opening for Brad Paisley’s Crushin’ It World Tour and her single “Better Than You Left Me” is starting to gain some steam on the charts. It has reached No. 32 on the USA country charts and No. 42 on the Canadian country music charts.

We can’t wait to see what direction she will take next. If you would like to check out more of her music or buy her album you can find it on her website. You can also find Guyton on Facebook and Twitter where she share fun insights from the road. If you want to see Guyton in person you do not have to wait wait for Paisley’s tour to be in a nearby town, she is taking the Grand Ole Opry stage again Friday night.



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