Nashville Vibes: Who We Are

Downtown Nashville / Americana: Photos of Rural America

In a city of much diversity, one would think it a near impossibility to nail down any one thing that defines us as a community.  After all, we are a melting pot of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds from various places around the globe.  Still, there is something very special and cohesive about this community – this place we call Music City.  Or as some are calling it now, The “It” City.


Downtown Nashville / Americana: Photos of Rural America PHOTO BY BOB BELL/COURTESY HOLDTHEPRESSES.COM

Downtown Nashville / Americana: Photos of Rural America

Regardless of what background our citizens come from, it can be said that, as a whole, Nashville is one big family.  As Nashville native Amy Grant once put it, “Nashville is a big small town.” Our lives are intertwined by music, arts, education, sports, healthcare and even faith.  We all want something greater for our children and nurturing care for our aging parents.  We want to see our children endowed with education, knowledge and acceptance of both the similarities and differences in our varying cultures that reside here – which actually make up our city’s own creative community.


We are a city full of expressionists. We are songwriters, dreamers, builders, teachers, sports enthusiasts, healthcare workers, artists, painters, dancers and sculptors, all working to mold our lives in a way we hope will make the journey a remarkable one.  And though life does hold routine and the occasional mundane task for all of us, we seek inspiration from those around us who are also working to mold their own lives.  Songwriters write with others and create new audible miracles straight out of their imaginations. Dancers find talented, enthusiastic partners and see their expressions come to life on the dance floor. Sports figures work to be the best at what they do – not only for themselves but also to inspire those around them. Builders save and savor neighborhoods that have been forgotten, painters draw inspiration from the landscapes and people around them. Teachers find motivation from their students and fellow teachers, and sculptors creatively design pieces that make us consider our surroundings more intently.  In fact, we are all sculptors of our own lives, adding a little piece here, shaving off a little there, removing the pieces that aren’t quite right until we each have our own masterpieces.


Perhaps some of the most prized entities in our community are our schools and universities.  We are a community that is openly proud of our educational facilities and our educators who help our children find and follow their individual pathways to the fulfillment of their dreams. We have many sought-after private schools, as well as some remarkable public schools, such as Hume-Fogg High School and Julia Green Elementary School.  We have universities to study medicine, music, business, pharmacy and healthcare, engineering, law and much, much more.  We are a community of dreamers…but not just dreamers.  We are doers.  And we do all we can to learn, dream, inspire, take in…to find both joy and acceptance in our lives and the world around us.


Regardless of our backgrounds, we, as human beings, are all very similar.  We enjoy showing our Southern hospitality to those around us.  We hope to instill good values in our children and also hope that we ourselves have turned out to be good sons, daughters, brothers or sisters…solid citizens.  To that end, we work to show that we have faith. Not only in a spiritual way but also that we have faith in ourselves and in our family. In our friends, our dreams, our mixed cultures that we call “Our Community.”  We are a “Big Small Town” full of dreamers who grow to be doers and live the dreams. And we are consistently gathering our inspiration from those we feel inspired by, from those…like you!