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"NOTHING GROWS IN SHADOWS"…Support National Bullying Prevention Month with recording artist, Brian Milson!

Brian Milson’s breakthrough single “Nothing Grows In Shadows” not only establishes him as a great singer and performer, but it also brings much needed attention to what many consider today’s “societal plague”… bullying.Brian Milson

According to statistics, one out of every four kids is bullied in schools today.

The song “Nothing Grows In Shadows” was written by Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson and Doug Johnson, and opens with the words,

Hey you kids, bullying the kids down at your school
One of these days you’re gonna grow up, be ashamed
Who gave you the right to decide who is and who ain’t cool
Who could sit at your table and be on your team and play your games

In a world of education, higher learning and mega technology, there are still some things that remain the same. One of those things is that kids can still be mean. Bullies still exist in the classroom, the mall, the clubs. You name it, they’re out there. Worse still, in today’s world they’re no longer limited to just the “audience” of immediate onlookers – they are telling a world of other viewers online via Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Instagram, Snapchat, and on every other possible site that offers a format for today’s gossip-filled happenings.

Kids can be cruel. In fact, bullying has become such a cause that even songwriters are writing about it and artists are recording the songs. “Nothing Grows In Shadows,” which was produced by James Stroud* and released by Brian Milson in support of National Bullying Prevention Month, makes a compelling and moving statement – not only challenging the bullies themselves but also offering hope and inspiration to those who’ve fallen prey to such bullies.

Milson is a guy who usually sings about family relationships (“The Man I’m Not”), country living (“Country Life”), and simple things that matter. But now, he is adding to “things that matter” by singing about something more serious – bullying.  Brian Milson

As a kid, Milson says he experienced being bullied, but he also fears he did a little bullying himself. That’s the reason this song is so important to him. Further, Milson relates, “’Nothing Grows In Shadows’ is a very powerful song and right now this issue is something very prevalent in schools.” He relates the stats of one in four kids being bullied and then adds, “I am hoping we can make some kind of difference with this campaign. That’s why we’re going to donate all the profits of the song to an anti-bullying organization that we choose.”

Some would say that for Milson to be going to all this trouble to build awareness for “bullying” is over dramatic.  But think about it when you click here: http://www.countryweekly.com/music/nothing-grows-shadows-and-its-anti-bullying-message

About 2 1/2 minutes into the song, you’ll hear the words of verse 3:

There’s a lesson I learned that I need to tell
You see, the doctor that saved my mama’s life
He helped her beat cancer and made sure she got well
It was a guy I went to school with all my life
Man, I used to give him hell

In addition to donating the proceeds to a anti-bullying charity, Milson says to all the bullies out there: “Now is the time to treat people the way you want to be treated, because you never know if the person you’re picking on could one day be the person who saves your life somehow.”

(*James Stroud has produced Toby Keith, Darryl Worley, Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson, Chris Young and more)