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Olivia Lane is making her own sunshine

Up and coming country music singer Olivia Lane is ready to make her own sunshine, which is evidenced in her new self-titled EP that features several pop-country tracks that hold personal meaning for the rising star. We listened in to the new project and discovered what it is that makes this newcomer special.

The cover art of Olivia Lane's self-titled EP, available now. PHOTO COURTESY OF OLIVIA LANE

The cover art of Olivia Lane’s self-titled EP, available now. PHOTO COURTESY OF OLIVIA LANE

The new EP includes seven original songs, including the singles “Make My Own Sunshine” and “Quarter Life Crisis.” As Lane says, the songs are a “collection of the life I’ve been living the last two years — all the trials, tribulations, hopes, and fears of someone going after their dream.” Her last two years have been spent in Nashville, in addition to every corner and crevasse of America, as she shares her music with fans across the nation. The trials, tribulations, hopes and fears that she refers to when discussing her dream concern the trajectory of an up-and-coming country music singer.

She spent her childhood and adolescence in Houston, Texas, with an early exposure to country music. Her mother was singer as well, who enjoyed listening to “big female voices of country” like Linda Ronstadt, Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire.

After high school, Lane attended the University of Southern California in pursuit of a “different lifestyle” that led her down a new path for four years. There, she studied songwriting, solidified her aspirations of becoming a musician and set her eyes on Nashville as her post-college destination.

“[During college] I was actually spending my summers in Nashville interning,” the singer says, who interned at an agency and publishing house. “So [after graduation] I packed up my car and drove across the country – and I’ve been in Nashville ever since because that’s where I wanted to be a songwriter, where I wanted to do country music.”

Lane’s sincerity and honesty are not only self-evident in her conversation, but also in her music. The songs on her EP describe her life after college. They are stories of independence, discoveries, losses, relationships, goals, and a little bit of chaos as well, which Lane describes as normal for a singer and songwriter.

“Honestly, my favorite part of the day is waking up and [the] chaos. My comfort is chaos. Never knowing what’s going to happen,” she says truthfully.

“Make Your Own Sunshine” is the EP’s most popular song, and with good reason, since it is upbeat and accompanied by a fun music video. However, Lane notes another track on the EP that is a personal standout.

Lane's new EP has spawned two singles, "Make Your Own Sunshine" and "Quarter Life Crisis." PHOTO COURTESY OF OLIVIA LANE

Lane’s new EP has spawned two singles, “Make Your Own Sunshine” and “Quarter Life Crisis.” PHOTO COURTESY OF OLIVIA LANE

“I think my favorite … is probably ‘She Fits.’ That was a really personal song, and it was an idea I had for a really long time, and no one really got the idea until I sat with my co-writer Jim Beiber and my producer Ilya Toshinsky, and we kind of just wrote it out, and they listened to me,” Lane says. “So I’m really proud of that song, the way that it unfolds — I like the story behind it.”

Both “Make Your Own Sunshine” and “She Fits,” along with each of the project’s other shining tracks, allow the listener to experience Lane’s powerful voice and unique approach to country music — one that is anecdotal like older country, but with a modern, bubbling energy. This style originates from a “melting pot of influences,” describes Lane, who grew up listening to everything from big female voices across multiple genres, to male artists like Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, artists she still draws influence from today.

When asked to give three adjectives for her album, Lane replied, “I hope it’s inspirational. I think it’s vulnerable. And energetic.”

All three ring true.

Lane is currently on tour, with dates continuing through May 2017 and recently announced that she’ll release a deluxe edition of her EP, featuring two new songs, including the Christmas classic “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” For more information on Lane and her music, visit her official website.