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Powerhouse vocalist Tiffany Woys: Ready for the “major leagues”

Photo courtesy of Monarch Publicity

Tiffany Woys is a California girl at heart. But even as a teen, her mind was set on Nashville. That was the place to be for her – not L.A., not Vegas, not the East Coast. The native of Sacramento finally realized that lifelong dream when she became a Music City resident in 2018 – in fact, she’ll celebrate the one-year anniversary of her move on March 1. Now, she can check another goal off the career list with her self-titled debut EP, which she released February 22nd. The project features her popular single, “Priceless.”

As Woys notes, she wanted to get some experience under her belt before making the big career move. “Nashville was always the goal,” she says. “I toured up and down the west coast for a few years. I wanted to grow as an artist before I came here [Nashville]. Because, this is like the major leagues, right? You are with the best of the best. So, I wanted to make sure that I was ready.”

Road gigs, often in front of no more than a literal handful, proved the proper baptismal fire for the big leagues. “I learned so much from the road,” Woys says with an assured smile. “I was basically a human jukebox, covering a lot of songs. And sometimes, the people in a club are not interested or not really listening, so you have to win them over. All of those shows help you when something goes wrong.” That’s hardly a regular occurrence, though, as Woys comes armed with a powerful voice and striking physical presence that could make even the most listless patron sit up and pay attention.

Her four-song EP was a few years in the making, as Woys searched for those elusive songs that spoke to her directly. Unlike some of her peers, she doesn’t write her own tunes, preferring to concentrate on her vocal talents.

Tiffany Woys’ self-titled debut EP features the single, “Priceless.” Photo by Amy Richmond

“I have always been focused on being a vocalist and entertainer first,” Woys explains matter-of-factly. “Back in Sacramento, there were not a lot of outlets for writing and it wasn’t something I was crazy passionate about at first. Plus, there are so many great songwriters in Nashville and you can always find good songs.” As such, she sets aside a hefty amount of time poring over the finest that Nashville writers have to offer. “I do have to listen to a lot of songs,” Woys agrees. “For this project, I listened to hundreds. But that is such a fun part of the process. Listening to music is what I like to do.”

The song that made the most heartfelt connection was “Priceless,” the lead single from the EP. A trio of top female writers – Kelly Archer, Emily Shackelton and Mickey Guyton – penned the uplifting number, which encourages listeners to be more self-accepting and realize their worth. As a couple of key lines state, “I’m not some drink at a bar on a Saturday night/I’m not some fine dine dinner that you offer to buy,” continuing on to, “My love is priceless.”

It’s a message, Woys feels, that women in particular need to hear, but certainly not confined to the female audience. “I think we get comfortable in relationships whether it’s romantic or a friendship,” she says. “We settle sometimes and don’t recognize our worth. It’s such an empowering song, not just for girls but guys, too. The song is saying that you have to be confident and know what you bring to the table and set high standards. Because you’re priceless.”

Woys is still putting together her traveling schedule for the year, and hopes to include the spring and summer festivals on the touring plate. She’d relish getting back to her home area in northern California, but only for a visit or a tour gig. In less than a year, Woys has become a true Nashville-phile, taking in the city’s vast restaurant offerings as well as the outdoor life.

“Nashville has so many great restaurants,” she says. “I have fallen in love with quite a few places, but I still feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface.” A personal favorite is the iconic Loveless Cafe, best known as a tourist mecca but a hot spot for locals as well. “The food is incredible and I just love the history behind it,” Woys says. “I have also found some great hiking places to go on the weekend. California is home,” she continues with a smile, “but there is nothing like Nashville.”

Tiffany Woys’ self-titled debut EP is available now.