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Prince: A legend performing three lifetimes of music

Born into a musical family with both his parents extraordinary jazz musicians, it seemed he was destined for greatness from the crib.  After meeting Chris Moon and Owen Husney in the late ‘70s, with their help, he was able to sign a record contract with Warner Brothers Records.  There was a lot of interest from A&M Records and Columbia Records, but Warner Brothers offered him the best deal; they agreed to give him creative control for three albums and ownership of his publishing rights, unheard of then and even now.  It is sad saying goodbye to one of music’s greatest – the artist formerly known as Prince.

Prince has served as a musical icon and won countless awards for his work. PHOTO COURTESY PRINCE

Prince has served as a musical icon and won countless awards for his work. PHOTO COURTESY PRINCE

The awards won by Prince are staggering, from an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score for his 1984 song “Purple Rain,” to “The Song of the Heart” that won a Golden Globe Award recently in 2007.   With 32 Grammy nominations, Prince has won seven of them – that alone is a staggering accomplishment.  He even won four out of 12 MTV Video Music Awards he was nominated for, not to mention he is listed as one of the best selling artists of all time.  You will not find his music on Spotify or similar websites, because he kept control of his music, and if someone wanted to hear a Prince song they had to pay, which hopefully will set a trend for the music industry.

Prince released 39 albums beginning in 1978 all the way up to 2015 and he never stopped touring his entire career, giving his life to music, fulfilling a destiny he totally embraced.  Prince wrote and performed thousands of songs, but without a doubt the song he is most identified with is “Purple Rain,” the signature song of signature songs.  “Purple Rain” and all of Prince’s songs will echo for years to come and will become a timeless artist, like the other great artists that have left this world way too early.  He will join artists like Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson and many others that have joined the Heavenly Choir.

Born epileptic, Price had seizures and health issues all his life, and the investigators are still looking into what happened.  He passed away way too young, but left the world with a gift of music loved by all walks of life.  He was respected by young and old, red, yellow, black and white. A prince of the people, not just in the USA, but across the world.  At some point today say a prayer for Prince Rogers Nelson’s family and from the staff at Sports & Entertainment Nashville, we would like to say rest in peace Prince, you will truly be missed.