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Puffy Muffin: A local gem in Nashville’s changing landscape

With a hoard of new and trendy restaurants working to make a name for themselves in the ever-changing food landscape of Music City, it’s nice to know that homegrown staples like Puffy Muffin are here to stay. Serving the Nashville community for 30 years, it all started when co-owner Lynda Stone began selling her homemade rolls and breads to the local community after continuous encouragement from her friends.

The chicken tortilla soup is one of our favorite picks at Puffy Muffin. PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

The chicken tortilla soup is one of our favorite picks at Puffy Muffin. PHOTO BY CILLEA HOUGHTON

From the days of making delicious homemade breads in her kitchen, Puffy Muffin has now grown into a beloved local gem, with locations in both Brentwood and Franklin, an expansive menu and countless customers who visit time and time again to enjoy a quality meal and the friendly camaraderie they know can be found at this local treasure.

Just one of the elements that’s kept this local eatery going for so long is the loyal customers. Puffy Muffin is a staple in our office and a frequent pick for our weekly lunch outings. With such an expansive menu, it’s always hard to choose just one delicious dish. A personal favorite is that of their signature chicken tortilla soup, whose rich flavor comes to life through the its creamy base and perfect pepper taste, topped off fittingly with crunchy tortilla strips. This always pairs nicely with the scrumptious kale Caesar salad, another favorite dish, or the chicken taco salad, which is packed with southwestern flavor. Another stand out, and Puffy Muffin staple, is that of the tea room sampler, comprised of their famous chicken and cranberry salads, along with other delicious goodies.

And the bakery is almost like another restaurant in and of itself, offering an endless array of cookies, cakes, pies and appetizing specialty items like Mississippi mud, coconut cream and more. And lucky for us, we have a kind-hearted boss who knows that the way to his employees’ hearts is through their stomachs – so much so that he has graciously come into the office on multiple occasions with a box full of desserts bearing the Puffy Muffin logo – and we know we’re in for something good.

The decadent pastry display, showing off Puffy Muffin's many delicious desserts. PHOTO COURTESY OF PUFFY MUFFIN

The decadent pastry display, showing off Puffy Muffin’s many delicious desserts. PHOTO COURTESY OF PUFFY MUFFIN

Just two of the incredible desserts we always look forward to are the decadent crème brulee, along with the scrumptious chocolate bomb that couldn’t offer a more balanced taste and texture between the crunchy chocolate shell and sweet mousse filling. And, as a born and raised New Englander, I can proudly say that Puffy Muffin makes the best Boston cream pie that I’ve ever eaten! Between the chocolate frosting and the perfect custard filling, Puffy Muffin does us northerners proud with their take on the classic treat.

But Puffy Muffin is so much more than just a restaurant. It’s the type of place you look forward to going back to not just for the great food, but for the southern hospitality that makes Nashville such a warm and inviting place. From the hearty Southern fare to the pleasant atmosphere, it’s easy to see why Puffy Muffin has been such a cherished part of Nashville’s food scene for more than three decades and is sure to continue the tradition for years to come.