QUEEVA Stands Out at CRS 2019

Queeva / photo courtesy of Queevamusic.com

Fifteen year-old singing/songwriting sensation, QUEEVA, was a real hit at this year’s Country Radio Seminar. Her new single, “How Do You Know” was released on Friday, February 15, on the last day of CRS and is now available everywhere. If you’ve not heard it yet, you don’t want to miss it. Check it out on Spotify!

QUEEVA hails from Chicago, has Irish roots and 5 siblings, and says her love for music was due in part to her dad being a big country music fan and she just grew up loving it. Her first appearance on stage was when she was only seven years old and she performed in front of 4,000 people for a singing competition, which she won.

From there, she learned how to play guitar and began writing her own songs –catching the ear and the support of producer and award-winning Country artist Jamie O’Neal.

With the support of her family and that of O’Neal, QUEEVA is already making inroads that mimic another once-teenage sensation who “Swift-ly” got where she dreamed of going.

What is unique about QUEEVA? Most of her songs are upbeat and many are directed to listeners near her own age. QUEEVA relates: “Most of my songs are about how you have to be yourself in today’s world because I know it can be hard. For me, I sometimes just want to blend in with everyone else, especially at school, but with my latest music, it’s more about how you can be yourself.” Her song “Stand Out” is a great testimony to that exact statement. Further, QUEEVA wants to let her listeners know that no matter what, they are never alone and she hopes that if they ever do feel alone that they will turn to her music for comfort.

All of QUEEVA’s music is very easy to listen to and contains great messages. Perhaps one reason for that is that she holds certain other performers in high esteem and tries to learn from them – with her favorite being Dolly Parton. According to QUEEVA (though she’s yet to meet Dolly) she knew all the words to multiple Dolly Parton songs by the time she was three years old. That’s not a bad way to start one’s own love for singing and performing – because few do it better than Dolly…does anyone?

Of course, QUEEVA has other interests that include everything from rock-climbing to fashion, but even at her young age, her career path seems to be calling her to music.  And as the path is calling, we have one thing to add, “Oh please, make her stay!”

QUEEVA/ Courtesy of Queevamusic.com

For more information on QUEEVA visit her website or any of her @Queevamusic social media sites.