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Review: Lukas Lamb singles “Surrender to the Mystery” and “U the One”

Lukas Lamb resides in Nashville and hails from North Carolina, but you’ll likely not hear any nods to country or Appalachian roots in his music. What Lamb does quite adeptly is blend hip hop, R&B and a little bit of soul with his unique, identifiable voice. So many genres come together, yet the style that he’s managed to weave from these influences sounds original and not at all copycat. You can find the proof in Lamb’s two most recent singles, “Surrender to the Mystery” and “U the One.”

Lukas Lamb / Photo courtesy of Lukaslamb.com

“Surrender to the Mystery” (great title, by the way) kicks off with a sensuous, Philly-inspired groove that fits perfectly with the song’s sly, romantic attitude. The song may owe a bit to Post Malone, one of Lamb’s stated influences, but it would also be right at home with Hall & Oates or any past-generation soul artist. Lamb delivers with the right hints of sexuality and softness.

“U the One” doesn’t exactly stand up to “Surrender,” the stronger of the two releases. It’s somewhat repetitive, which actually seems intentional (plenty of tunes today rely on that same strategy), and lacks the lyrical depth of the previous single. Still, it’s undeniably catchy and Lamb’s vocals, punctuated by his distinct phrasing style, are right on the money.

Lamb is also a fine photographer, apparently his original reason for moving to Nashville, but he’s becoming more known for his work in the audio medium. He’s an artist that deserves your attention, for sure.

To keep up with Lukas, please visit his website and follow him on all social media with @lukaslamblive.