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Rick Monroe is a true ‘Gypsy Soul’

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The title of Rick Monroe’s new EP, “Gypsy Soul,” is more of an identity than it is an album title. Having grown up in multiple regions in the U.S. and traveling across the world on numerous occasions as an artist, Monroe  embodies the true definition of a gypsy. While the title rings true to his life, the project also includes a handful of songs that the country singer created from simple, yet poignant life moments.

We chat with Monroe about the new EP, how he wrote and selected each of the songs and so much more. Hear his thoughts:

On “This Side of You” being the EP’s first single:
“Obviously there’s something to this because everyone keeps wanting to cut it. I don’t even know if it’s the best song on the EP, but I think it was a really good lead off single, especially because the last two singles were ‘Fires Out’ and ‘Great Minds Drink Alike,’ which were all very uptempo. So I think this is a nice transition. It shows a lot of growth, I think it shows a lot of a little bit more settling down on a direction.”

On the EP’s title track, “Gypsy Soul:”
“‘Gypsy Soul’ was probably 15 years ago I wrote that, that was like one of the first songs I wrote. And I just remember I was in a situation where I got thrown under the bus by some friends and I remember saying ‘why am I paying everybody else’s dues instead of doing my own thing?’ And I travel and I’ve been all over the world, so it kind of makes sense, I do have a gypsy soul. We did 100,000 miles last year – that’s fairly gypsy.”

On his biggest influence:
“Life. As a writer, life is. I can say what motivated me to do something but as far as an overall influence, it’s literally life. ‘Great Minds Drink Alike’ I saw on a stupid sign at a Michael’s when my wife was looking for giftware ideas. I’m like ‘oh that’s a great idea.’ Somebody says a phrase and I’m like ‘oh that’s a cool idea.’ That’s life and it’s just being open to interpreting it and looking at it.”

On what he learned touring with Eric Church, Lee Brice & more:
“I probably learned most by watching them, like watching how they all interact differently with crowds, watching their organization. All those guys are such great performers, so each one it’s always been cool to see that. The biggest thing is basically that you always have to put it out 100 percent. You just don’t ever phone it in and those guys all definitely always put on really good shows, it was always fun.”

On his goals for the future:
“The best advice I ever got was ‘play music because you love it.’ I mean, that’s it. So as long as I can keep loving it and keep doing it as a living, that’s my biggest goal. I’d love to have a big song, but if I can keep moving forward at a nice pace.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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