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Singer and songwriter Rick Monroe moved to Nashville for his music and has loved the eight years he has been here. When asked what made him pursue music, Monroe explains there is not a history of music in his family, as most of his family members are lawyers. He started off playing the drums at age nine but then realized that singing was more fun and switched over.

Singer/Songwriter Rick Monroe has had huge success in the Music Row charts and Billboard. PHOTO COURTESY RICK MONROE

Singer/Songwriter Rick Monroe has had huge success in the Music Row charts and Billboard. PHOTO COURTESY RICK MONROE

Monroe is now a singer and songwriter and says that he can’t compare the two because they are both completely different. He explains, “Songwriting is a thing you can have that’s a buzz forever. You write a really cool song and it’s exciting. Singing is that instant high the moment that you do it. They’re two totally different feelings but to me they’re both equally exciting.” Monroe writes most of his own songs but is not opposed to outside writing. He gets the inspiration for his songs from everything and everywhere in life.

Monroe’s music has been taking off in the charts. His single “Great Minds Drink Alike” has been a huge success as it has climbed up the Music Row charts and Billboard. The video for “Great Minds Drink Alike” comes out this week featuring fan footage. Fans submitted tapes they had shot and Monroe and his team compiled some submissions to make his music video. Monroe is constantly putting out new music to keep up with the interest, but instead of full albums, he puts out EPs on his website.

Before he started touring, Monroe used to be in the house band at the Wildhorse Saloon in downtown Nashville. Now he is on the road much of his time as the past year has been almost nothing but radio touring. He is about to hit the road again for his two-month tour with Lee Brice while at the same time representing Jagermeister as their Brand Ambassador. Monroe says he loves traveling but cherishes the moments he is home with his wife and dog in Nashville.

Photo Courtesy Rick Monroe

Photo Courtesy Rick Monroe

Monroe is much more than just a singer and songwriter; he is also a humanitarian. He is an advocate for Safe Haven Family Shelter. “It’s one of the few homeless shelters that actually keeps the family together,” he describes the organization, “Safe Haven is set up for entire families to stay together and their success rate is about 86% or better.” He says that anyone can fall into that situation which makes him really passionate about the cause. Safe Haven is having its annual Hike For The Homeless, November 7 in Nashville where Monroe will of course attend. He also toured in Russia where he helped raise money for orphans through the Frank Foundation and does things for St. Jude and Children’s Miracle Network.

When asked about what he would like to achieve in his career in the future, Monroe gives a very humbling answer. “I would like to have a top ten single,” he describes, “I don’t really care about awards. Something like that would be nice or to headline a tour. Someone once said to me ‘do you want to be successful or famous?’ and I would rather be successful. As long as I can do what I do and love I’m happy. The best piece of advice I ever got was play music because you love to play music, not because of anything else.” Monroe is certainly doing that and enjoying every second of it.

To listen to Rick Monroe’s music and find out more about him and his touring schedule, check out his website.






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