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S&E Nashville CRS Interview: Jenny Gill

Visiting with Jenny Gill is like visiting with your favorite sister, she’s funny, approachable, easy-going, hard-working and just a joy to be around.

No stranger to the business – assuming you’ve heard of Vince Gill – Jenny is now working her own way up the music industry ladder.  She recently released her debut EP called the “House Sessions” produced by her dad.  The EP consists of 4 songs she wrote and a cover song called “The Letter,” an old tune by the Boxtops. 

Gill says the EP reflects the different styles that she enjoys from bluesy-jazz to country, but her favorite song on the EP is the country ballad, “Whiskey Words,” which was the inspiration for her to continue writing.

She also talks about the challenges of balancing family life with her music, but as she was raised in the industry, she has a pretty good handle on that.

As an added bonus, listen to the story of the socks!  And check them out on her Facebook page.

For more information on Jenny Gill, visit her official website.

Audio interview with Jenny at CRS below: