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S&E Nashville CRS Interview: Williams Honor

The group name isn’t the only element of intrigue about new country duo Williams Honor.

The singing pair of Gordon Brown and Reagan Richards happens to hail from New Jersey, a portion of the U.S. not necessarily renowned as a country music hotbed. On top of that, the area they call home is Asbury Park, which spawned rock titan Bruce Springsteen.

Brown and Richards met while performing at a Hurricane Sandy benefit in New Jersey, while their first public performance took place at the Light of Day concert with Mr. Springsteen himself.

Brown and Richards sat down with Sports and Entertainment Nashville to talk about those Jersey roots, how they came up with the group name, and their soulful blend of traditional country, rock and pop.

They also share the story behind their current single “No Umbrella,” a tune they co-wrote with country artist Cyndi Thomson.