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S&E Nashville CRS Interview: Hudson Moore

Hudson Moore may be new to the country music world, but he is fitting in just fine.

When it comes to creating his new album, Getaway, Moore went off a gut instinct, selecting songs that fit the theme and message he was aiming for.

While he compares picking a favorite song to “picking your favorite children,” Moore has an ear for what he feels stands out. With more than a million streams on Spotify for one of the album’s standout tracks (and Moore’s favorite), “Sand in the Bed,” it’s clear that Moore is poised for success as Getaway offers fans a variety of sounds and flavors, all of which reflect the young artist.

A sense of maturity comes across in both his demeanor and his music, whether singing about “Where City Lights Don’t Shine” or raving about the timelessness of Martina McBride.

And should he continue on the path he’s on now, it’s very possible that Moore himself will become a timeless act that keeps fans coming back for years to come.